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Is Jack Nicholson’s daughter dating Sean Penn’s son?

Lorraine Nichsolson, 27, daughter of Jack Nicholson and Hopper Penn, 24, son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, are supposed to be a couple! The two have allegedly been secretly dating for a long time. What’s wrong with the rumors?

Hollywood couple

It’s not easy as a child of a Hollywood star. Cameras that follow you everywhere, family matters on the covers. No wonder that Offspring of the “La La Land” elite gets along well. Two of them should get along particularly well: Lorraine Nicholson and Hopper Penn. They were first seen together at a Los Angeles film festival in November.

Radar Online learned from a source that Lorraine had taken the first step.

They have known each other all their lives but have only seen each other in a romantic way for six months

so the insider continues.

Is it all just a rumor?

Another celebrity portal dedicated to checking rumors however, doubts the relationship. “Gossip Cop” says the story of “Radar Online” was pulled by the hair. Overall, the assumption that the two could be a couple only arose because they posed together on the red carpet at an event.

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