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He was afraid of this “X-Men” scene ·

Hugh Jackman gave up his Adamantium Blades long ago as Wolverine. But he still remembers that one scene from the very first film. And there is a reason for that, as he reveals in the interview.

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Seven times – if you don’t add the two cameos – Hugh Jackman played the mutant Logan aka Wolverine from 2000 to 2017. The role that made his career breakthrough also earned him many admirers. No wonder, since the now 51-year-old had trained himself a dream body for the films. With the exception of the first “X-Men” film from 2000, as Jackman revealed in an interview with Anne Hathaway on Variety’s “Actors on Actors” show. When director Bryan Singer revealed that he wanted to film him without a shirt, he panicked a little:

“On the first day I should take off my shirt. Bryan Singer hadn’t told me about it at first, but later he said, ‘Okay, we’re going to film you from the bottom up with the camera. I remember watching the comics; I had never read the comics before. So I took a look at the comics and said, ‘Oh, how long do I have to prepare for this?’ They said, ‘Well, we’re shooting in three weeks.’ I had never trained for a role before. So I said, ‘I think I can get fit in three weeks if I do it right.’ So I went to the gym – No. “

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Fortunately for him, the scene in which his character is introduced has been postponed to the end of filming. So he even had six months to get really in shape. How Jackman’s Wolverine turns out in the first “X-Men” film compared to his later appearances in “Wolverine: Weg des Kriegers” and “Logan: The Wolverine” is particularly impressive in the following clip:

Hugh Jackman was only the third choice for Wolverine

Perhaps this experience at the very beginning of his “X-Men” career laid the foundation for his enormous physical commitment to the following films. The Australian was not intended for the role. Singer originally favored Jackman’s compatriot Russell Crowe. This refused, however, just like Mel Gibson, Viggo Mortensen and Gary Sinise.

So it first went to Dougray Scott. The tight schedule stipulated that he should finish his work on “Mission: Impossible 2” and then rush straight to the “X-Men” set in Toronto. The “M: i-2” shooting was delayed, among other things, due to a shoulder injury by Scott, so that 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox) was forced to find a new actor for Wolverine in an urgent procedure. So Jackman literally came in at the very last second.

Everyone knows that Hugh Jackman played Wolverine. But how well do you know your way around the X-Men? Test your knowledge:

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