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“Free Guy” and “Jungle Cruise” already on Blu-ray Disc in this country from October 2021?

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“Free Guy” and “Jungle Cruise” already on Blu-ray Disc in this country from October 2021?

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If the latest retailer information is to be believed, then Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment could already release two current cinema novelties on Blu-ray Disc in this country in the coming month. Accordingly, Shawn Levy’s action comedy could already be on October 7, 2021 “Free Guy” (USA 2021) with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role in Kaufhandel. Just two weeks later, the home theater release of the action adventure continues “Jungle Cruise” (USA 2021). The film by Jaume Collet-Serra, with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in the leading roles, could be released as early as October 21. be available in retail stores. So Disney is apparently staying true to its new line and is shortening the theatrical release window here as well. However, there are indications that – at least for “Jungle Cruise” according to the current status – only Blu-ray and DVD and no 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray are planned. The situation is different abroad, where even 4K steelbooks appear. “Free Guy”, on the other hand, is also listed in 4K, but here the 12.10. specified as the release date and the EAN currently speaks for an import. Since the 2-disc product, which is not marked as 4K UHD, deviates from the 12.10. is given as the release date, this information should currently still be viewed with caution. We already know from the USA that both films are given English Dolby Atmos sound as well as numerous extras.


Content “Free Guy”: Guy (R. Reynolds) works as a cashier at a bank. He goes through the same routine every day: getting up, working, surviving the bank robbery, playing softball, losing, having a drink, sleeping. But on one of these days he accidentally stumbles upon glasses that give him detailed information about the city, as well as data about his health and liquidity. The suspicion grows in Guy that he is just an extra in a gigantic program. To confirm this suspicion, he decides to break out of his routine and finally speak to the young woman he sees almost every day and on whom he has long since kept an eye. However, Molotov Girl (J. Comer) refuses to talk to him until he has reached level 50, which he succeeds thanks to car theft and robberies. In fact, Molotov Girl keeps her promise and tells Guy that she is a real player in a game called Free City that is controlled by someone from another dimension. However, the game is to be taken offline within seven days and replaced by the successor “Free City 2”. Stunned by this realization, Guy does everything in his power to save his world and his friends from being shut down, and instigates a rebellion against the almighty programmers …


Content “Jungle Cruise”: In a London library, the archaeologist Dr. Lily Houghton (E. Blunt) on an ancient artifact that could reveal the way to the legendary Tree of Life. Driven by the premature death of her parents, she and her brother McGregor (J. Whitehall) set off for South America, where they suspect their destination is in the middle of the Amazon Delta. Once there, however, the two of them are urgently dependent on an experienced captain who can maneuver them safely through the torrent and the dangers of the jungle – and meet the experienced river ship Captain Frank (D. Johnson), who has spent the last few years securing them To create mini-adventures for tourists. After some negotiations, Frank finally agrees to join Lily on her adventure. However, it is not only important to always be one step ahead of a competing German expedition, but also to defy the unpredictable perils of the jungle – and even more the centuries-old guardians of the tree who want to protect the secret of the magical plant at all costs … (pf)

Vsl. from October 7th, 2021 on Blu-ray Disc:
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