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Eminem can’t remember his lines against Rihanna – his drug withdrawal was to blame

Eminem can’t remember his lines against Rihanna – his drug withdrawal was to blame

Eminem never kept his pill addiction a secret. In 2007, the Detroit rapper almost succumbed to an overdose. In an interview, he now admitted that his return to normal life and to the top of the rap Olympus was not as easy as it appeared to the outside world.

In a conversation with “SiriusXM” about his song “Zeus”, which appeared on Eminem’s new record MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY – SIDE B and provided a lot of talking point, the rapper spoke about the passage in the text where he was with the singer Rihanna sorry. This was based on an old song from 2009 on which Eminem sided with Rihanna’s violent ex Chris Brown. This song didn’t make it public until 2019 and raised some questions. In the interview, the “rap god” explains that at the time he wrote the provocative lines, he was probably not quite in control of his senses. He stated that he had “zero memory” of the intention of the text, because during this time he simply put everything on paper that rhymed. Basically he should have learned to rap again during this time.

“Even the rhyme schemes didn’t sound familiar to me (…) I thought to myself,“ Damn, did I really say that? ”I said it and that was my mistake. That happened to me a lot during the time I was working on RELAPSE, because I had to learn rapping again during this time, because of the drug phase I went through (…) Every time I thought to myself: “If it rhymes, just say it.”

Still ashamed of the story, the rapper added, “I should have thought better about it. It was one of those things I don’t even remember recording. I recorded a lot of songs in the process. Those times were really tough. “

The album RELAPSE was released in 2009 after Eminem had taken a musical break. Previously, he struggled with a pill addiction and writer’s block. Then there was a divorce and the loss of a good friend. He and Rihanna had worked together several times in the 2010s. This resulted in the songs “Love The Way You Lie”, “Numb” and “Monster”, among others. In 2014, the two even went on tour together.

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