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Corona crisis: Julia Roberts shows up with her sister – together they demand solidarity

Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts has not been using Instagram for long, now she shows herself and her family in private. Despite the Corona crisis, you and your sister are beaming.

  • Julia Roberts posts a private photo of herself and her older sister on Instagram *.
  • Both are actresses and have already been in front of the camera together.
  • Julia Roberts reminds her fans to stay at home to protect themselves and others from the corona virus *, she does too

At the latest after Julia Roberts, then 31 years old, got into Richard Gere’s chic car on the big screen with a platinum blonde wig and black thigh high boots, everyone knew her. The love comedy “Pretty Woman” made the young Julia Roberts internationally known. What many do not know, however, is that their older ones too sister Is an actress and the two have even been in front of the camera together several times.

Julia Roberts and her older sister are beaming despite the corona virus

Julia Roberts has only been active on Instagram for a few years. She always appears natural in her photos, presents her food or sometimes posts a photo of a colleague or her aid project. In her latest photo she shows actress not alone, but with her older one Sister Lisa Roberts Gillian. The two sisters are beaming and Julia writes under the photo: “Me and my wonderful sister! We made ourselves pretty and now – no place to go ”.

As is well known, Latino Queen Jennifer Lopez also makes herself pretty regularly – the pop star also shines with natural beauty, just like her sister *.

Julia Roberts indicates that all restaurants are closed in the Corona crisis * and asks their fans on Instagram * to stay at home. With the hashtag “weareinthistogether” (German, we are in it together), she demands cohesion and solidarity from her fans and fellow human beings.

Julia and her sister together in the Corona crisis

The two Roberts sisters show in the photo the typical wide smile that many of Julia already know. But her sister is also an actress and the two have already been in front of the camera together. Lisa Roberts is not quite as well known as her younger sister, but she has also starred in well-known films such as “Valentine’s Day”, “Manhattan Love Story” and “Mona Lisa’s Smile”. In the love comedy “The Bride Who Doesn’t Dare”, the two could be seen together on the screen.


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