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Celebrities with a prey scheme: Those who like to fish in younger waters

Clear prey scheme
These celebs love to fish in younger waters

Leonardo DiCaprio is in love with his friends' youth.

Leonardo DiCaprio is in love with his friends’ youth.

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As they say? Where love falls! And with these VIPs, it just falls on a different generation. Diagnosis: repeat offenders!

Prey scheme: the main thing is young! Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna and Co. seem to choose their loved ones according to this principle. For which celebrity do women have to be under 25? And whose parents are even younger than the partner?

Leonardo DiCaprio: At 25, fun ends

Leonardo DiCaprios (46) dating list is loooong. Already forgotten? Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen are also among his ex-flames. In the last few years, Mr. DiCaprio’s love trend has clearly gone towards models. But actresses with long hair and even longer legs have turned his head too. They all have one thing in common: They are (much) younger than Leonardo! The age of his wives does not match his. The first major age difference of ten years was with the Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. The two separated when Bar was 25 years old. Actress Blake Lively (then 23), model Erin Heatherton (then 22) and the German model Toni Garn (then 20) followed.

None of his last girlfriends passed the age of 25. But the age difference to his current girlfriend tops his dating history: Leo got together with model Camila Morrone, so she was 20 and he was 44! She is younger than her chosen one by over half.

Scott Disick: Keeping up with the Youngsters

Reality star Scott Disick (38) is best known for his longstanding relationship with Kourtney Kardashian (42), which was documented on the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Since the final separation in 2015, he has primarily preferred significantly younger partners. The relationship with Lionel Richie’s youngest daughter, Sofia Richie (23), caused a lot of uproar. The reason: Sofia was only 18 years old at the time! And therefore 16 years younger than Scott. Since the two were friends before the love affair was announced, there was a bad rumor in the room that the relationship had already started before their adult birthday. However, this has not been the case. In addition to Megan Blake Irwin (then 21) in 2016, Bella Banos (then 20) and Bella Thorne (then 19) a year later, there were other young beauties whom the triple dad dated. He is currently with model and youngster Amelia Gray Hamlin (20): 18 years of age difference is even a record for Scott Disick!

Madonna: She is older than her lover’s parents

Madonna (63) is not only the Queen of Pop, but also the queen of age differences. After eight years of marriage to Guy Ritchie, who was only ten years younger, youngsters followed youngsters.

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To Jesus Luz, with whom the singer was dating from 2008-2012, she had an age difference of 29 years. The singer stayed true to her prey scheme, because other young models and dancers followed. In their current relationship, the age difference increases again. Because the two separated 36 years! Ahlamalik Williams (27), was a dancer in Madonna’s “Rebel” tour in 2015 and has been her new love since 2020. In an interview with the New York Daily, the singer gives the reason for her young man’s taste that she appreciates the adventurous spirit. Older men are too established in their habits and are no longer as adventurous. Ahlamalik is only two years older than Madonna’s greatest daughter Lourdes Leon. And even his parents, aged 55 and 59, are both younger than the 63-year-old pop legend. The only man by her side who was older than her is Warren Beatty, whom she dated in 1989. The two were separated for 21 years – Warren is now 84.


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