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Cameron Diaz eats this to stay young and fit

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz values ​​a healthy diet. Here you can find out what ends up on your plate

Cameron Diaz is in top form at 47. At a young age, the actress said, she didn’t think about the impact her diet and lifestyle could have on her well-being and overall health. But the older she got, the more intensely she dealt with the subject of nutrition and now passes on her knowledge in the form of guides (“The Body Book”, “The Longevity Book”).

Diaz now feeds on the Mediterranean diet – a diet that primarily focuses on unprocessed foods high in healthy fats, proteins, and whole grains.


In the morning there is first and foremost a large glass of water for Diaz. “Before I go to sleep, I put a large glass bottle with water in the bathroom so that I can have a drink right after brushing my teeth,” said the actress in an interview with “Marie Claire”. After all, the body has to do without a drop of fluid for eight hours at night.

In addition, there are two breakfasts for the sports enthusiast – one before and one after the morning workout. First there is something light like apple slices with peanut butter, scrambled eggs or overnight oats (here are three delicious recipe ideas). After training, chicken and steamed vegetables come on the table.

Having lunch

At lunchtime, Cameron Diaz prefers to combine proteins with good carbohydrates in conjunction with good fats and green vegetables. She also firmly believes that a squirt of lemon juice gives every dish a fresh note. For seasoning, she relies on herbs fresh from the garden, garlic, olive oil and salt.


Even at a late hour, the actress does not allow herself to be carried away with sweet dishes and snacks. Instead, she prefers hearty dishes, preferably with healthy ingredients such as avocado or chicken. She also has a weakness for lamb chops. When pasta is on the table, it is often not in the wheat version, but in the form of quinoa pasta.



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