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At least he’s not risking his health again

For Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth apparently wants to get in top form and really blow his muscles again. In addition to the star of the series, the MCU sequel also has an actor on board who stands even more for extreme physicality.

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In the upcoming blockbuster, Christian Bale plays the role as the villain Gorr, the butcher. Now the first pictures have appeared showing the Batman star with a new look for Thor 4 show. Compared to his otherwise radical transformations, make-up / prostheses and CGI should make up the most important part of the transformation this time around.

Christian Bale shaved his head for tragic Thor 4 villains

Like among other things Collider reported the first pictures of Christian Bale showing him with a shaved head demonstrate. Here you can take a look at the photos yourself:

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The clearcut can be explained quite simply: Bale’s face or his entire head will certainly still be artificially changedso that he can be turned into the villain Gorr. In order to avoid disruptive effects during the CGI work, the star probably shaved off all the hair on her head without further ado.

A Christian Bale with a shaved head is also one of his gentler transformations when we look up his most extreme changes yet look back for film roles.

In front of the MCU: Christian Bale’s most blatant transformations were worrying

Right for the first big role in his career as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho Christian Bale trained himself a muscular dream body with almost no body fat:

American Psycho

His weight took on much more terrifying proportions after he starred in the psychological thriller Mindfuck The Machinist just 55 kilos starved to death. Suddenly it was just like a walking skeleton:

The machinist

Similar emaciated Christian Bale also showed himself for his Oscar-winning role in The Fighter, where he played a former professional boxer who was once heavily addicted to heroin and the brother of Mark Wahlberg’s main character:

The Fighter

Between his extreme weight loss and the massive muscle gain for Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Bale also ate one in between for a movie like American Hustle luscious beer belly at:

American hustle

At some point Christian Bale also realized that it couldn’t go on forever. In public he last spoke about the fact that he was exposed to such extreme weight fluctuations for the benefit of his health refrain in the future wool.

At least for the role of villain Gorr in Thor 4, his life seems to be at least more important again. Who knows what a Christian Bale would look like, too in reality turn into a powerful Marvel monster want.

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What do you promise yourselves from Christian Bales Thor 4 villain Gorr?



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