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6 horror movie locations to stay the night

For many horror movie fans, covering their eyes with their hands and wincing again and again and again is part of a successful film and evening. But how about sleeping right where your favorite horror movies were filmed? TRAVELBOOK shows a list of six horror film locations that are easy to rent and stay overnight.

Walk in the footsteps of Count Dracula in the middle of the night or constantly wait for Jack Nicholson to knock an ax through the door. Or maybe take a trip to the basement in the middle of the night and see if there is human skin lying around somewhere. The various horror film locations for overnight stays that we have compiled in this list offer all of this and much more.

6 horror movie locations to stay the night in:

The Shining: Timberline Lodge and The Stanley Hotel

The Shining, horror film location
Jack Nicholson in the horror classic “The Shining”Photo: picture alliance / United Archives | United Archives / Impress

In the classic horror film “The Shining” (1980), the writer Jack (Jack Nicholson) takes his wife and son to the Overlook Hotel, where he plans to work on his novel over the winter. The winter hotel idyll is suddenly interrupted, not only do dead people appear, Jack also goes mad and believes he must murder his family.

Stephen King came up with the idea for his novel of the same name (1977), which was later filmed, on the way and during his lonely stay at The Stanley Hotel itself, which accordingly became the model for the Overlook Hotel. There he checked into room 217 with his wife – and apparently experienced a few creepy things that he never spoke about in public.

The Shining, Stanley Hotel, filming location
The Stanley Hotel was Stephen King’s inspiration for the horror classic “The Shining”Photo: picture alliance / Loop Images | John Greim

The Stanley in Estes Park in the US state of Colorado is still a hotel today – and accordingly a beautifully creepy horror film location where film fans can spend the night. Room rates start at $ 299 per night. Incidentally, you can even rent room 217 yourself.

Now, of course, the Stanley Hotel is actually not a horror film location, but its role model. The setting of the Timberline Lodge was used for the film itself. At least from the outside. And horror film fans can stay here too. The prices in the lodge are between 175 and 390 US dollars (about 148 to 329 euros).

Timberline Lodge, film location The Shining
The Timberline Lodge is the actual location of “The Shining” – at least outwardly Photo: Getty Images

You can read more about the genesis of “The Shining” and the two important film hotels here: The eerie hotel that inspired Stephen King to create the horror classic “The Shining”.

The Silence of the Lambs: Buffalo Bill’s House

Silence of the lambs, horror movie locations
Ted Levine as “Buffalo Bill” in the horror classic “The Silence of the Lambs” Photo: picture-alliance / Mary Evans Picture Library | –

It wasn’t that long ago that we at TRAVELBOOK reported on the sale of the “Buffalo Bill” house. It is now also clear what has happened to the house since then. And that should especially please fans of the psychological horror film. They are soon invited to spend the night or even several nights in “Buffalo Bill’s” film home. And even decades later, this is still reminiscent of the showdown of “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991).

Anyone who dares to spend the night in the creepy horror film location has to drive to Perryopolis in the US state of Pennsylvania. It is currently not possible to book, but the page about the house already exists and provides further information.

Horror film location, silence of the lambs
Horror movie fans can stay overnight in the house of the psychopathic killer “Buffalo Bill” Photo: picture alliance / AP Images | Keith Srakocic

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Interview with a Vampire: Oak Alley Plantation

Interview with a vampire, horror movie locations
Kirsten Dunst, BradPitt and Tom Cruise in “Interview with a Vampire” Photo: picture-alliance / Mary Evans Picture Library | –

It’s been a while since Tom Cruise aka Lestat de Lioncourt turned his fellow actors Brad Pitt (Louis de Pointe du Lac) and Kirsten Dunst (Claudia) into vampires – Dunst was just twelve years old at the time. Today the US actress is 39. Even after all these years, the horror drama “Interview with a Vampire” (1994) remains one of the classic vampire films. Not least because of its star cast. And not only has the film survived the years, some of its iconic locations can still be visited today.

Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie in the US state of Louisiana should be mentioned as a special horror film location. The magnificent house then served as Louis’ home, which he finally burned down after becoming a vampire and a slave revolt. Not directly in the house, but you can rent a few cottages on the premises today and see the horror film location up close. Prices start at $ 175 per night. According to, the interior of Louis’ property was filmed in Destrehan Plantation, also in Louisiana. Here, too, it is not possible to spend the night directly in the main house, but in side cottages. The prices are between 98 and 124 euros per night.

Horror film location, interview with a vampire
The Oak Alley Plantation Mansion in the US state of Louisiana served as the backdrop for the film “Interview with a Vampire”Photo: Getty Images

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Room 1408: Roosevelt Hotel

Horror film location, room 1408
John Cusack in the horror film “Room 1408” (2007)Photo: picture alliance / United Archives | United Archives / kpa Publicity

The horror film “Zimmer 1408” (2007) was also originally written as a novel by author Stephen King. The film adaptation of his 1999 short story takes author Mike Enslin to the New York Dolphin Hotel, where he wants to track down hitherto inexplicable murders that took place in room 1408.

The hotel is actually the Roosevelt Hotel, which is also located in New York – and thus a horror film location that should not be missing from this list. Although it will be difficult to stay overnight – for two reasons. On the one hand, the Roosevelt for “Room 1408” was only used for exterior shots. The “real” room 1408 only exists as a film set in Pinewood Studios in England. On the other hand, because the Roosevelt as such no longer exists. The hotel had to close as a result of the corona pandemic. “Zimmer 1408” fans can still see it. By the way: The hotel was also used as a location for various other films such as “Men in Black 3 (2012) and” Manhattan Love Story “(2002).

The Roosevelt Hotel
The renowned The Roosevelt Hotel was one of New York’s oldest hotels – and the setting for “Room 1408” Photo: Getty Images

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Dracula: Oakley Court

Horror film location, Dracula and his brides
Yvonne Monlauer and David Peel in “Dracula and His Brides” (1960)Photo: Getty Images

The most notorious and feared vampire of all time was up to mischief in this imposing film set, several times over. According to IMDB, several Dracula films played in the English country house Oakley Court, as well as numerous other horror and scary films. Whether “Dracula” from 2020 or 1974, “Dracula and his Brides” (1960), the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975) or “Frankenstein’s Escape” (1957) – they all found something as gorgeous as it was in the neo-Gothic building creepy backdrop.

And the Oakley Court is not just the horror film location par excellence, it is also one that horror fans can stay in, it is actually a luxury hotel. The night starts here at 275 pounds (just under 325 euros).

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Vertigo: Hotel Vertigo

James Stewart as Detective Scottie Ferguson and Kim Novak in the double role of Madeleine Elster and Judy Barton in “Vertigo”Photo: Getty Images

Lovers of the iconic psychological thriller “Vertigo” (1958) literally step into the Alfred Hitchcock film at the Hotel Vertigo. At least that’s what the hotel promises. That was not only actually the location of the film when it was still called “Empire” – and is accordingly a horror film to stay overnight in. The Hotel Vertigo also welcomes its guests with “Vertigo” in a continuous loop in the lobby.

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If you want to set foot in the boutique hotel yourself, you can go to San Francisco. However, bookings at the Hotel Vertigo will only be possible again from January 2022. Then room prices will start at 237 US dollars (around 202 euros) per night.



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