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This is how you guarantee yourselves a boozy evening ·

You have gathered with friends and want to have fun playing a drinking game? We have selected the best films for you.

From Beerpong to Flunkyball to Kings Cup, there are numerous drinking games with which you can pass the time on a Friday evening. Those who like it less sporty and would like to forego the competitive nature of these games can invite their troupe or drinking partners to a cozy film evening. Because numerous feature films are also suitable for a drinking game. At this point I would like to say that the consumption of alcohol should be enjoyed with caution and responsibility. Of course, all games can also be played simply with non-alcoholic drinks.

Drinking game films: these are the classics

Of course, you can conjure up a drinking game from almost any film. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of choosing a characteristic from the said film that repeats itself at regular intervals. While game fans like to let off steam creatively in their choice of films and properties, there are also some classics that ensure great fun.

“Sissi” series

If you want to dare to play Romy Schneider’s performance as Austrian Empress Sissi, you shouldn’t plan on anything for the next day. The films can make for a nice evening, but also for a good hangover. In fact, people drink every time:

  • Someone “Majesty” says

If you want to make the whole thing even sportier, ask the participants to get up after each “Majesty” and shout “Long live the Empress”.

“Harry Potter” series

In a total of eight films, the wizard student Harry Potter has to prove himself in a fight against the dark lord Voldemort. You can also prove yourself for the drinking game, but these rules of the game must be observed: Always drink when:

  • Conjured up will
  • “Voldemort” is called or it is mentioned in another form
  • Harry’s scar makes itself felt

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“The Feuerzangenbowle”

While Doctor Johannes Pfeiffer (with three f) pretends to be a boy and goes to school again, you can cheer yourself up on a boozy evening. The following rules are important: Drink every time:

  • Someone “Fire tongs punch” says
  • Someone, Professor Crey’s name mispronounces
  • The class is concocting a prank

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More surprising than the hangover after a night of drinking games are the guest appearances of the stars in Video: News – Paranormal Activity will be continued

Action films for the perfect drinking game

Do you want to bring some action into your intoxicating evening? With these films, excitement and a lively atmosphere are guaranteed.

The “James Bond” series

Among the almost 25 films there is bound to be a part that will give your evening and the drinking game the necessary kick. The rules for this couldn’t be simpler. You only have to drink if:

  • Someone “Bond” says
  • 007 with a Woman flirting
  • A Aston Martin you can see

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While Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his 300 Spartans fight against the Persian king Xerxes, you can take action against the drinks of your choice. You only have to observe the following rule: Drink when:

  • A Six pack you can see
  • Someone “Sparta “ or “Spartans” says

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“Rambo” series

In his second best-known role, Sylvester Stallone really gives full throttle. You too can step on the gas in addition to John Rambo in his films, all you have to do is observe these drinking game rules: Drink if:

  • Someone dies
  • Man Stallones bare upper arm sees

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If you don’t want to try beerpong like Miles Teller (center, left) and Skylar Astin (right), you should switch to our films as a drinking game. © IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Play drinking games with musical films

Instead of gripping action, would you prefer melodic harmonies for the drinking game? Then of course a musical is best, no matter which one you end up with, the rule remains the same: Drink when someone sings.

“Les Misérables” or “Hamilton”

In order to push the level of difficulty to the top, you should opt for a “sung musical”. Dialogues are completely dispensed with here; when a song comes to an end, the next begins immediately. This is the case, for example, with the successful musicals “Les Misérables” and “Hamilton”. There is only one thing left to say: cheers!

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Disney musicals

If you need a drink break in between, you might prefer to try a musical film for now, in which dialogues are also used in between. The numerous Disney musicals are of course suitable for this. Films like “Rapunzel – New Confounded” and “Vaiana” can be easily streamed with a subscription to Disney +.

The best comedies for a drinking game

You don’t feel like action and prefer to sing yourself during your drinking game? Then these films might fit more into your evening planning.

“Old School – We leave absolutely nothing wrong”

The men of the “old school” would certainly not be averse to a film with accompanying drinking game. In “Old School” Mitch (Luke Wilson) and Co. already have their hands full, after all, they have to maintain their student relationship and prove themselves against their former fellow student and current dean (Jeremy Piven). You can also prove yourself in the drinking game for the film, all you have to do is follow these rules: Drink every time:

  • Someonedrunk is
  • Hank (played by Will Ferrell) himself Besides behaves

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“21 Jump Street”

The young police officers Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) have to smuggle themselves into a high school as undercover agents in order to find out about the illegal drug trade. If you want to follow the funny undercover job of the two and round off the whole thing as a drinking game, you should follow these rules: Always drink when:

  • About drugs spoken will
  • Jenko and Schmidt themselves noticeable behavior

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“Shaun of the Dead”

While Shaun tries to escape the zombie apocalypse that breaks out, you can try to escape sobriety. These rules will help you: Drink every time:

  • Someone dies
  • A Drank beer will

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Shaun does pretty well in the fight against the zombies. You can find out how it would happen to you in the quiz:

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