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That’s what HBO says about a season 2

“Mare of Easttown” was able to build up a large fan base in a short time and viewers are eagerly waiting for a sequel. But is Kate Winslet making a comeback as a cop or is her story fully told? Now the CEO of HBO has commented on the rumors about a sequel.

The HBO series “Mare of Easttown” hit like a bomb. The crime series was originally intended to be a limited series and only have one season. But after the success, many are now asking: will we continue? After all, there have been other miniseries (including “Big Little Lies”) that surprisingly continued, even though HBO only had a single season in mind. Casey Bloys, CEO of HBO, now comments on the success of the series and does not rule out a second season. “Brad did a fantastic job at Mare of Easttown,” Casey said in a new interview with Variety. “It was a great collaboration.” Brad Ingelsby is the creator of “Mare of Easttown” and recently signed a three-year deal with HBO based on the network’s satisfaction with the series. But that does not mean automatically that we can expect more crime stories about Mare in the coming years.

Casey Bloys on a second season

When asked whether there might be a second season of “Mare of Easttown”, Casey Bloys did not answer the question completely. As he explained, “If Brad felt like he was telling a story that was on par, probably nobody would mind.” The right story for another chapter is exactly what is currently missing, which is why HBO has no fixed plans for the future. “At the moment he doesn’t have this story. Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see if they can come up with something they really want to tell, ”said Bloys. A series consists not only of a story, but also of the cast. “Titanic” star Kate Winslet has given the grieving and tough Mare a face – without her, the series could not continue. You, according to, tell Casey that Kate would be open to appearing as Mare in another season. So behind the cast we can tick the box if we just need a good plot. Until then, there will be a big question mark about a 2nd season “Mare of Easttown”. As soon as we have news about it, you will find out about it at

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