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Ryan Gosling flies back into space in “Project Hail Mary”

Ryan Gosling Project Hail Mary

Ryan Gosling in Going for the Moon © 2018 Universal Pictures

Source: Deadline

Ryan Gosling, one of the biggest rising stars of the 2010s, was last year before last as Neil Armstrong in the rousing biography Departure to the moon (OT: First man) to be seen in cinemas. Despite a really successful and very positively reviewed film, director Damian Chazelle was able to participate Departure to the moon Surprisingly not to the Oscar successes of his previous two films Whiplash and La La Land tie in. Nevertheless, I can recommend the film to every film buff.

Meanwhile, Gosling is drawn back into space with his next role. He takes on the leading role in the film adaptation of the novel Project Hail Mary. Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of the template: the novel won’t be published until spring 2021. Since its announcement a short time ago, however, several Hollywood studios have been fighting for the film rights. MGM is currently in final negotiations to acquire the rights for a seven-figure sum.

“Project Hail Mary” was written by Andy Weir, whose debut novel “Der Martianer” was published in print after its original online publication and became a worldwide bestseller. Ridley Scott directed the film adaptation with Matt Damon, which was nominated for numerous Academy Awards and became a big box-office hit. Weir achieved a great mix of real science, a gripping story and well-placed humor with his first novel.

His third novel is now supposed to go in a similar direction. In Project Hail Mary Gosling, who will also act as producer, will play a lonely astronaut on a spaceship on a mission to save the planet. The title most likely refers to the “Hail Mary Pass,” a game in American football that usually happens in an otherwise hopeless situation and has little chance of success. The novel should contain some clever twists and stylistically hit in the same notch as “The Martian”.

Weir’s second novel, “Artemis”, was also set in space or on the moon, but was more of a thriller in terms of genre. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street) are supposed to direct the filming, but the project has not made any progress lately.



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