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Robert Downey Jr. has finalized Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. made 10 Marvel films, then it was over. In Avengers 4: Endgame, the Oscar nominee took Starring Tony Stark Farewell to the hero he had played since Iron Man 2008. Since then there have been isolated rumors of a possible return. Can the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continue to expand without its most famous face?

One thing is certain: in the future of Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man doesn’t matter. The actor underlined in a new interview.

Avengers 4 marked the end of Iron Man and a beginning for Robert Downey Jr.

Compared to the Hindustan Times stated Robert Downey Jr .:

Playing Tony / Iron Man was tough and I’ve worked my way deep into it. I had a fantastic 10 year run that was creatively satisfying.

Check out the Infinity Saga trailer:

The Infinity Saga – Trailer (English) HD


But after Tony Stark’s death in Avengers 4, do you have any wishes regarding the development of the character? According to Robert Downey Jr., this is not the case:

I got with this figure done everything i could, and can do other things now.

His age also plays a role. In retrospect, Downey Jr. said in an interview, “Do you realize that this is all part of the journey and that things end. I am happy and eternally grateful that I got where I am.”

Satisfaction with his superhero way outweighs in the interview that the Actors in a spirit of optimism holds on. Tony Stark’s end is a beginning for Robert Downey Jr.

What comes after Avengers 4 and Iron Man end?

How has the rise in blockbuster spheres changed the actor? The Iron Man star also hinted at this in an interview:

I had an incredible 10 year run with Marvel that got me creative. I have now Tons more ambition than beforeTo do things I haven’t done yet. Evolving is key – the worst thing you can do is get in your own way.

Robert Downey Jr. stated:

Even when it comes to a suitable one Father, husband and citizen To be, it would be irresponsible of me not to keep an eye on the future so that I can mentally prepare for what is coming and for the transition.

Check out the podcast about the Marvel series:

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Every time when he gets a script as an actorAccording to Downey Jr. in an interview, he thinks of the obligation and the period of time that it would separate him from his wife and children.

Robert Downey Jr.’s statements are also interesting in that it is questionable whether he will come back to them for any length of time a franchise the size of Marvel’s will bind. His schedule as an actor remains poorly filled. He takes on a role in colleague Jamie Foxx’s directorial debut, All-Star Weekend. In addition, the long-planned Sherlock Holmes 3 is coming up.

His producer agenda looks fuller. After the reboot of the crime series Perry Mason for HBO the Ex-Iron Man with his business partner and wife Susan Downey several series, including the fantasy adventure Sweet Tooth on Netflix.

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In what direction do you think Robert Downey Jr.’s films should go after Avengers 4? More dramas? More blockbusters? Something completely different?

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