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Nicole Kidman causes outrage in Hong Kong

After arriving in Hong Kong to film, Nicole Kidman did not go into quarantine as required – much to the resentment of the locals.

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An exception to the strict quarantine regulations in Hong Kong for Nicole Kidman has caused outrage among many residents. The financial metropolis allowed the 54-year-old actress to circumvent the corona regulations in order to take part in the filming of the Amazon series “Expats” about the lives of emigrants. This was confirmed by the Office for Trade and Economic Development. This exception also applies to other filmmakers.

Travelers from high-risk areas must be in hotel quarantine for 21 days in Hong Kong, and seven-day isolation is required for people from countries with a lower risk of infection. The latter would also have applied to Kidman, who, according to “The Hollywood Reporter”, who cites the local news site “HK01”, has already been vaccinated twice and has traveled from Sydney. From Friday, people who come to Hong Kong from Australia will even be subject to a 14-day quarantine, because Down Under will be classified as a country with medium risk from then on.

Tests instead of quarantine

Exemptions from the quarantine regime are very rarely granted for senior executives in Hong Kong. Kidman, herself one of the producers of the “Expats” series, and other employees have to undergo three corona tests within two weeks of their arrival.

The city’s tabloid media reported in detail last Thursday about the Australian actress landing in a private jet and followed the Hollywood star shopping and filming in the Sai Wan district. Comments on the quarantine exemption and the decision to film a series about the city’s wealthy foreign elite while China cracks down on democracy activists piled up among the reports on the net.

“Quite a number of complaints”

“That’s enough. My mother changes her name to ‘Nicole Kidman’ and I’ve just sent my Gulfstream G650 to pick it up,” wrote a Twitter user. Hong Kong politician Elizabeth Quat said she was “concerned” about the Kidman exemption and had “received a number of complaints from Hong Kong residents” about it.

Angry comments also piled up on a popular Facebook group for people quarantined in Hong Kong. Many residents and foreigners have not been able to visit relatives for almost two years due to the strict regulations, it said.

The Kidman exemption came just days after Hong Kong tightened its quarantine rules for travelers from multiple countries, upsetting many people’s travel plans.



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