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News from Amyl and the Sniffers, Fazer, Eva Pandora and Amixs

News from Amyl and the Sniffers, Fazer, Eva Pandora and Amixs

The Radio X music editorial team presents their most beautiful new discoveries to you in more detail every week. The “Früh” section is available live every Thursday at 2 pm and repeated on Sunday at 4 pm.

The long-awaited second album by will be released on Friday of this week Amyl and the Sniffers. With Comfort To Me sings screaming Amy Taylor there about the lovely moments, between the noise, the spitting and the drinking. That’s what she calls out in the last preliminary single hertz to the fact that we should kindly take them out to the beach, the country, or anywhere else. A love song for punkers: inside heart, written during a pretty long year (2020). So she communicates: “All four of us spent most of 2020 enclosed by pandemic authority in a 3-bedroom rental in our home city of Melbourne, Australia. We’re like a family: we love each other and feel nothing at the same time. We had just come off two years of touring, being stuck in a van together eight hours a day, and then we’re trapped together for months in this house with sick green walls. It sucked but it was also nice. We spent heaps of time in the backyard listening to music, thrashing around in shorts, eating hot chips. The boys had a hard time being away from the pub and their mates, but it meant we had a lot of time to work on this record. Most of the songs were really intuitive. Main thing, we just wanted it to be us.

The story is a good one, at least from a PR point of view. Some time ago, on a pretty hot party night in Berghain, two guys suddenly start talking. One is Christof Ellinghaus, boss of City slang Label, the other Martin Brugger, fusion musician and jazz guitarist. The label type means: “It’s not as if a conversation would have meaning or depth in this situation, but you can at least swap the numbers.” This week Brugger’s project published Fazer, her first single on City Slang. The track grenadier is a pretty smooth instrumental that (if you want to believe the PR stories) is almost oozing from hot summer nights in the big German city.

In the middle of the abandoned post-punk landscape of Basilea-town rise Eva Pandora. The quartet, which came together less than 2 years ago, is slowly growing into a haunted ghost of the night – they released their debut album on cassette a few weeks ago, followed by the digital release via Bandcamp last Friday, and the vinyl version of the self-titled debut album follows by the end of the year. The decision between evocative, sparkling, resounding and danceable songs is not an easy one. With me is a good start, however, as the song comes straight from an anxiety attack in love in the anonymous big city. Or what do you mean?

The great art lies buried between the obvious! Amixs teach us a lesson in this with their latest NDW-like tear-off hit Kannenfeldplatz bus stop. The dialect orchestrates of the banal life declare a non-encounter to be the main event and pepper the lyrics with chronicles of the hip present. Turning cigars yourself, staring at your cell phone, life passes by and the bus rolls towards Euro Airport. Is social criticism so irrelevant or does nonsense have to be taken seriously? Why not. The new album by Amixs (BahnhofBuffet Olten) will be christened on October 9th in the Sääli zum Goldenen Fass,

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Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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