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Netflix publishes the first trailers and photos of the scene>feeds>

September 08, 2021 – 7:03 pm clock

With DiCaprio, Streep and Co.

“Don’t Look Up” by director Adam McKay (53, “The Big Short”) has a truly record-breaking top cast. For the science fiction comedy from Netflix, Leonardo DiCaprio (46), Meryl Streep (72), Cate Blanchett (52), Ariana Grande (28), Jennifer Lawrence (31) and Timothée Chalamet (25) were among others the camera. On Wednesday (September 8th) the streaming service published a first trailer and several photos.

In the almost 80-second clip, Oscar winner DiCaprio (“The Revenant”) is the astronomer Dr. See Randall Mindy. The scientist, who has just made the shocking discovery of a comet rushing to earth with his student Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence), experiences a real panic attack and tries to calm himself down with the words “You are here now, you are here now”.

DiCaprio and Lawrence fall on deaf ears everywhere

Together, Mindy and Dibiasky, US President Janie Orlean (Streep) and her entourage in the White House and the public are trying to draw attention to the impending catastrophe with the help of talk shows. But nobody seems to care about their warnings. “This will affect the entire planet,” explains DiCaprio’s character in a joint scene with Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill (37), who plays the president’s son Jason. “Do you know how many ‘The World Is End’ meetings we’ve had in recent years?” Asks President Orlean, stoically.

“Don’t Look Up” starts on Christmas Eve

Oscar winner Adam McKay not only directed “Don’t Look Up” but also wrote the script and co-produced it. Netflix announced the star cast, which also includes “Friends” stars Matthew Perry (52) and Himesh Patel (30) in October last year. Subscribers of the streaming provider will be able to enjoy the eagerly awaited film from Christmas Eve (December 24th) – and a launch in the cinemas is currently planned.

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