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Kate Winslet: “I was the obese girl at the end of the series”

“Titanic” was the blockbuster of the 90s, but Kate Winslet was not all about fame. Bodyshaming seemed to be one reason she doubted.

It is and remains one of the most successful films in the hearts of moviegoers: “Titanic” with Leonardo DiCaprio (46) and Kate Winslet (45), who has repeatedly drawn tears from us since 1997. After such a blockbuster, you’d think the actors were at the height of their Hollywood success. But for Kate Winslet, the dream factory was difficult. Now the British woman revealed why she did not feel comfortable there – her body played a major role in this.

In the following video we have wonderful shots of the likeable actress for you. Botox? Not with Kate Winslet!

That is the anti-botox proof!

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Adverse factors for Kate Winslet: body and last name

“I was the overweight girl at the end of the series,” revealed Kate Winslet about her auditions after the “Titanic” success on a panel that also featured Hollywood icon Michelle Pfeiffer (62) and actress and singer Rashida Jones (44 ) participated.

That sounds a lot like bodyshaming, what Winslet reports – not unusual in Hollywood. Her last name also did not favor her in many auditions.

“Because my name was a W, I sometimes couldn’t even get in the audition door because they ran out of time before the Ws,” continues Kate Winslet, adding almost in disbelief: “And I was in ‘Titanic ‘. It’s crazy.” For the actress, who only recently spoke about the downside of “Titanic” fame, one thing was certain after the bitter disappointments: it would be better to avoid the Hollywood limelight.

“Titanic” star: “I was afraid of Hollywood”

About her decision back then, she says today: “I was scared of Hollywood. A big, scary place where everyone had to look thin and in a certain way. And I knew I didn’t look or feel like I did if I would fit there. “

It was only when Kate Winslet became a mother at the age of 25 – she is now a mother of three – the tide, or rather her attitude towards showbiz and her looks, turned. All the worries about it just “fizzled out”.

After the birth of the daughter: Kate Winslet on showbiz

Two years after the birth of her daughter, Kate Winslet was again on the wave of professional success – among other things, starred in the science fiction romance “Forget mine!” in 2004 alongside Jim Carrey (59) and Kirsten Dunst (38) and in “When dreams learn to fly” with Johnny Depp (57) and Dustin Hoffman (83). “I think that was a big turning point in my career because people suddenly said, ‘Oh, she can do that ?!'”, the actress said on the panel.

Kate Winslet is not in the running at this year’s “Golden Globes”, but Hollywood will not have to do without the British woman in the future either: The 45-year-old works for the second “Avatar” part, which will take place on December 22nd in the cinemas should come back together with “Titanic” director James Cameron (66).

Disintegrating on the ocean floor! This is what the “Titanic” looks like today:

Disintegrating on the ocean floor: this is how she looks "Titanic" Today from



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