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Julia Roberts: Corona escape from Hollywood

Julia Roberts
Corona escape from Hollywood

Julia Roberts

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Stars like Julia Roberts, Calvin Harris and Elon Musk are almost fleeing Hollywood. The corona pandemic has changed everything.

The stars are leaving Hollywood. Where celebrities have flocked to live directly at the hotspot of the acting industry, especially in recent years, there is suddenly a noticeable escape behavior. The reason is the corona pandemic, which of course does not stop at the glamorous world of film.

Julia Roberts and Co. leave Los Angeles

As “The Mirror” reports, Julia Roberts, 52, is currently renovating a 6.8 million euro house in San Francisco so that she can live with her husband Daniel Moder, 51, and their children in the city in the north, 614 kilometers away California to settle.

DJ Calvin Harris, 36, Tesla boss Elon Musk, 49, and actor Lou Ferrigno, 68, are also allegedly making off the dust Turn your back on the television industry for the time being.

Tom Hanks, 64, Nicole Kidman, 53, and Zac Efron, 32, are also already outside of Los Angeles, it is said.

“Hollywood has lost some of its glamor”

British actor Andy Newton Lee watches the action with concern. For a long time it was considered a point of contact for many artists who want to move to the USA. For 15 years he managed his own moving company “Next Stop LAX”, which specializes in processing entry visas for artists and entrepreneurs. His clients include Natalie Imbruglia, 45, and Matt Lucas, 46.

“I’ve worked for years to help celebs settle in, but it’s not what it used to be. People aren’t as obsessed with living here as they used to be. Hollywood has lost some of its glamor. The The pandemic has changed everything. It is no longer so attractive for celebrities to live in smog, “Andy’s conclusion to” The Mirror “.

Regarding the current development, he says: “It will certainly be much more difficult in a world in which we are all now fighting for jobs and opportunities, to move and to be successful. Before Covid it was tough enough, but now many agents have their business hired and a lot of artists left LA. A lot of actors get paid job-to-job. So when there are no jobs there is no money. I think this could lead to a lot of mental health problems in the industry. “

Sources used: The Mirror


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