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Jiu Jitsu – German trailer: Nicolas Cage messes with aliens

Formerly a cinema star, now a B-movie star. Since the big offers haven’t been made, Nicolas Cage has been fishing for one crazy role after another. Next on the list: Jiu Jitsu, a not entirely serious action and sci / fi fireworks display that, like the futuristic Martials Arts brother of Predator appears! Because what director Dimitri Logothetis (Kickboxer: The reckoning) in his new action ripper with trash guarantor Nicolas Cage (most recently for Mandy and The color from space – color out of space celebrated) actually looks almost as if it has the action and combat elements of one Mortal Kombat with the sci / fi madness of the bloody ones Predator-Saga lumped together and jumbled up properly.

When action-tested stars like Frank Grillo (The Gray, Beyond Skyline, The Purge), Rick Yune (Fast & Furious, Alita: Battle Angel), Juju Chan (Wu Assassins) or martial arts icon Tony Jaa (soon with Monster Hunter on the screen) Ong-Bak Not exactly choreographed and breakneck duels in front of a magnificent backdrop, an alien visitor with sheer superhuman powers and abilities is hunted down in the jungle. These are invaders who invade our home planet every few years to enslave the earth and its human inhabitants.

So far, however, humanity has always emerged victorious. This is thanks to the members of an ancient Jie Jitsu order who are dedicated to protecting people. But just as the next wave of invasions was about to begin, the experienced Jie Jitsu fighter Jake Barnes suffered a memory loss. Now a race against time begins for his friars, including Wylie played by Cage, because they can only throw the alien Brax to the wind and avert the end of humanity with his help.

Do you want to know how the sci / fi battle ends? Capelight Pictures is happy to help and provide you with this point Jiu Jitsu on March 12, 2021 on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in German stores.

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Written on 02/03/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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