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Jack Nicholson is out of the “Toni Erdmann” remake

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Source: The Wrap

The US remake of the German arthouse hit Toni Erdmann has lost its most interesting aspect. Jack Nicholson will not interrupt his retirement after all to slip into the role of the retiree who is inclined to strike and who in the original was embodied in an outstanding manner by Peter Simonischek. Toni Erdmann should be Nicholson’s first film since the streaky How do you know it’s love (OT: How do you know) eight years ago.

The remake was originally starring Nicholson and Kristen Wiig (Bridal alarm) in Sandra Hüller’s role as Toni’s workaholic daughter. The script should be the “Girls”-Makers Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner write. Supposedly, Nicholson himself, enthusiastic about the German film, came up with the Paramount remake idea.

In the meantime, only Kristen Wiig is on board the remake. Dunham and Konner dropped out after creative differences with the studio and Nicholson followed them a little later. With his exit, the film lost exactly what would have interested me in a remake. However, Paramount is still not giving up the remake. Lisa Choledenko, the director of the Oscar-nominated tragic comedy The kids are all right, is writing the script and will also direct the remake. The question, of course, is which acting veteran will take on the title role. I could well imagine actors like Bill Murray or Robert De Niro in the part and they would certainly also be great, but especially for Nicholson it would have been a great (possibly final) role.



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