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Into Bitcoin, out of Northern Data, in Orsted, out of Nordex

Bitcoin again suffered a sharp slump – this was probably primarily due to incorrect speculation. The reduced level now offers an interesting buying opportunity.

Northern Data is not a buy, however. The problem for the provider of HPC solutions is less the positive Bitcoin rate than the fact that the company has still not submitted an annual report for 2020. Such a long delay in company numbers is rarely a good sign.

Wind: Only Orsted is a buy

Things are not going well in the wind industry either. A negative analyst comment on Siemens Energy also put the already weak Nordex share under pressure again. But the paper of the Danish offshore world market leader Orsted is also slipping. Here, however, the reduced level is more of a buying opportunity.

Maydorn’s opinion on the e-car market and lithium

In addition to the Bitcoin, Northern Data and Wind stocks, the new one is about TV edition of Maydorn’s opinion current figures on electromobility, the further perspectives of Tesla, Daimler and Volkswagen and a new offer for millennial lithium and possible effects on standard lithium. Have a look:

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