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He had to go on a diet to become a racing driver>feeds>

November 06, 2019 – 14:27 clock

When Christian Bale took on the role of the famous racing driver Ken Miles, it quickly became clear that it would take a few pounds to fit into the sleek racing car.

Christian Bale (45) already knows that a role requires a higher or lower body weight. And also for his role in ‘Le Mans 66 – Against Every Chance’, the actor (‘The Dark Knight’) had to go on a diet. This time there were not only visual but also practical reasons: It just didn’t fit into the narrow racing car.

Christian Bale and the yo-yo effect

Before Bale stepped in front of the cameras for the true story of the 24-hour race in 1966, he had played US Vice President Dick Cheney in Vice. To do this, he had to gain about 20 kilos. He certainly wanted to get rid of them anyway, but now it was time to hurry.

“I had to get in the car,” he recalls in an interview with ‘Variety’. “I couldn’t damn well … These things aren’t designed for comfort, these cars. They’re cramped. So I couldn’t fucking get in. That would have been a very different movie.” One can imagine that!

When do you stop gaining and losing weight?

Weight up for Dick Cheney and Batman, weight down in various roles from ‘The Machinist’ to ‘Le Mans 66’ – Christian Bale expects a lot from his health. Actually, the weight extremes should be over after ‘Vice’, because Bale’s doctor has already sounded the alarm, as the star ‘Bild’ revealed: “At some point the heart will no longer take part, said my doctor. That made me prick up my ears.”



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