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First pictures show Keanu Reeves’ killer on a deadly world tour

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) becomes a jet setter. If the previous saga about the not-so-former hit man and dog lover still preferred to be in gloomy New York, John Wick: Chapter 4 should, according to reports from Collider with locations like Berlin, Paris and Japan (as well as New York, of course) to spark an action-packed trip around the world.

What first how megalomaniac fan wishful thinking sounded, now seems to be confirmed. Keanu Reeves has already been spotted in the German capital.

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John Wick 4 in Berlin: Keanu Reeves embarks on a bloody world tour

The first from the British Daily Mail published pictures show the actor in the vicinity of the Babelsberg film studios and were found shortly afterwards on Twitter .

The actor is returning to Babelsberg just a few months after completing the Matrix 4 filming. What exactly Reeves was working on there is not yet known. While the British newspaper simply said “Working on John Wick 4” speaks, the Märkische Allgemeine believes that a first dress rehearsal is likely. There is still a little way to go before the official start of shooting in July.

Nonetheless, Reeves’ presence in Berlin leaves some interesting conclusions about the possible action of the next John Wick part.

John Wick 4 shows us an international killer community

The fact that John Wick 4 is being shot in the Babelsberg Studios is only a vague reference to the locations of the film – after all, every imaginable setting can be reproduced in the huge set halls. The original Collider message promises more in this regard: “Both cities [Berlin und Paris] appear in the story. “ So Berlin is not just a filming location, but a setting. That should be Bringing head cinema German John Wick fans to smoke.

So it seems very likely that the Berlin variant of a continental killer hotel expected – this honor has been given to all major cities in John Wick, from New York to Rome to Casablanca. And that is just the beginning.

Keanu Reeves flees through Berlin’s subways

Could soon be jostling across Alexanderplatz: John Wick

Similar to the New York Bowery King, there could be 4 figures in John Wick that represent the Tangle of subway shafts in Berlin, Paris or Tokyo and protect the main character from his brutal persecutors. The possibilities are endless.

If the previous reports are confirmed, the next part of the killer saga will be a deadly world tour with lots of little John Wick details. Shootings at the Eiffel Tower, for example. Or currywurst in the Berlin Continental.

What do you expect from John Wick 4?



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