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Fast food and top figure: Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for this Hollywood truth

ICONISTA Fast food and top figure

Thank you, Jennifer Lawrence, for this Hollywood truth

Jennifer Lawrence wants Hollywood stars to be more honest Jennifer Lawrence wants Hollywood stars to be more honest

Jennifer Lawrence wants Hollywood stars to be more honest

Source: AP / Jordan Strauss

How do celebrities do it? Most of them have a top figure, but rave about their great love for fast food. Actress Jennifer Lawrence is annoyed by this. She demands more honesty from her colleagues.

VEvery opportunity that presents itself, many models and Hollywood stars tell how much they love pizza and fries. Of course, they still fit in size zero. It is clear that something cannot be right – but now someone is finally admitting it! It’s not a big surprise that it’s Jennifer Lawrence: The Oscar winner (“Silver Linings”) has often attracted attention for her straightforward manner. In the USA, attitudes like hers are often described as “no bullshit” – she has no nerve for it, Smile away nonsense that everyone recognizes as nonsense.

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Lawrence provides renewed evidence of this in her interview with InStyle magazine, in which she advocates more openness in dealing with the weight loss craze in Hollywood. “If you’re 20 pounds underweight and you’re talking about eating pizza and fried chicken all the time, it won’t make people feel good. If I go to the Oscars or a film premiere, then very likely I will eat differently from what I usually do to fit into my clothes. And I have no problem saying it. “

Of course you knew that, your own scale doesn’t miraculously show five kilos less when you consume more pizza. But in times when plus-size models are among the top earners in their industry and every thigh is sold as “body positivity” on Instagram, it seems downright absurd when size-zero celebrities talk about their preference for fast food.

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And far too many celebrities are still doing it, uninhibited, without even briefly thinking about what they are conveying. That everyone who doesn’t look perfect in skin-tight jeans despite pizza / fries / burgers simply doesn’t have their life under control.

So thank you, Jennifer Lawrence! It’s good that someone said it once. And even better that it was not associated with a morally sour “whoever wants to be slim is superficial”. Because Lawrence also says in the “InStyle” interview: It’s okay to want to fit into nice clothes – but you should be able to admit what you take on for it, whether it’s sport or diet. “There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s only a problem if you do it for others and not for yourself.”

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