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“Don’t Look Up” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Steep

Playing in “Don’t Look Up” with: (from left) Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. (wag / spot)

2021 Netflix, Inc.

08.09.2021 6:57 pm

The Netflix film “Don’t Look Up” has a top-class star cast. On Wednesday, the streaming service published the first trailer and several photos of the scene.

“Don’t Look Up” by director Adam McKay (53, “The Big Short”) has a truly record-breaking top cast. The science fiction comedy from Netflix included Leonardo DiCaprio (46), Meryl Streep (72), Cate Blanchett (52), Ariana Grande (28), Jennifer Lawrence (31) and Timothée Chalamet (25) the camera. On Wednesday (September 8th) the streaming service published a first trailer and several photos.

In the almost 80-second clip, Oscar winner DiCaprio (“The Revenant”) is the astronomer Dr. See Randall Mindy. The scientist, who has just made the shocking discovery of a comet rushing to earth with his student Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence), experiences a real panic attack and tries to calm himself down with the words “You are here now, you are here now”.



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