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Don’t Look Up: “Drought, Famine, Ozone Hole – So Boring”!

Adam McKay is back! The first trailer for the Netflix film Dont Look Up is bursting with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep.

Network – What a star ensemble! The first trailer for the long-awaited Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” is bursting with A-listers.

Meryl Streep (72, left) plays in "Don't look up" US President Janie Orlean, while Jonah Hill (37) plays her relative Jason.

Meryl Streep (72, left) plays US President Janie Orlean in “Don’t Look Up”, while Jonah Hill (37) plays her relative Jason. © Screenshot / YouTube / Netflix Germany

Leonardo DiCaprio (46, “Once Upon a Time In … Hollywood”), Jennifer Lawrence (31, “The Hunger Games”), Meryl Streep (72, “The Devil Wears Prada”), Jonah Hill (37, ” The Wolf of Wall Street “), Cate Blanchett (52,” The Lord of the Rings “), Mark Rylance (61,” Bridge of Spies – The Negotiator “), Timothée Chalamet (25,” Dune “), Ron Perlman (71 , “Hellboy”), Melanie Lynskey (44, “Two and a Half Men”), Gina Gershon (59, “Showgirls”), Tyler Perry (51, “Gone Girl – The Perfect Victim”), Himesh Patel (30, “Tenet”), Michael Chiklis (58, “Fantastic Four”) and Ariana Grande (28, “Zoolander 2”) join forces in the new comedy by Adam McKay (53, “Vice: The Second Man”) Hand!

The “Oscar” candidate will be shown in a few selected cinemas from December 24th, but especially on Netflix, as stated in the first official teaser.

This means that the streaming service giant should have secured a lot of calls. After all, such a mega-cast attracts a lot of people.

But what is this spectacularly cast strip actually about?

Dr.  Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio, 46) worries about the future of the earth because of an impending cometary disaster.

Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio, 46) worries about the future of the earth because of an impending cometary disaster. © Screenshot / YouTube / Netflix Germany

The first moving images are strongly reminiscent of an end of the world satire that seems to be poking fun at current political events.

The clip begins with Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio), who has a panic attack in the toilet and forces himself to take a deep breath. He and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) get an audience with US President Janie Orlean (Streep) and her relative Jason (Hill), who says to the excited scientist (?): “Your breathing is stressful for me.”

Randall is not deterred and explains: “This affects the whole planet.” Orlean replies quick-witted: “I know, but it’s so stressful.”

He doesn’t mean the approaching catastrophe, but actually just Mindy’s breathing. A little later, Kate explains the extent: “A comet is racing straight towards the earth.”

The Orleans find that soporific. “Do you know how many ‘the-world-is-ending-meetings’ we’ve had in the past two years?” Asks Janie. Jason adds, disinterested, “Drought, famine, hole in the ozone layer. This is so boring.” Mindy can’t believe his eyes after these statements.

With so much ignorance, can the world still be saved? We’ll know more from Christmas!



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