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Christian Bale should switch to the MCU ·

“Thor 4: Love and Thunder” could be a surprising coup: Christian Bale is in negotiations to support the MCU.


The year 2020 could have a real hit for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): none other than Batman star Christian Bale is currently in negotiations to support “Thor 4: Love and Thunder”. Collider first reported on the impending sensation, and The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the talks were actually taking place.

Of course, Christian Bale wouldn’t be the first Hollywood A-League star to join the MCU, and there are also some Oscar winners. However, the former Batman actor stated in 2017 – ironically also at Collider – that he was not interested in working with Marvel. According to his own statement, superhero films did not appeal to him at the time. He couldn’t remember seeing a superhero movie; with the exception of the “Dark Knight” trilogy in which he played Batman and the classic Superman films with Christopher Reeve.

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Who does Christian Bale play in “Thor 4”?

Should Bale actually switch from DC to Marvel and join “Thor 4: Love and Thunder”, that would be an enormous surprise. Unfortunately, neither Collider nor The Hollywood Reporter could report for which role he is currently being interviewed. Since Christian Bale is apparently not particularly fond of superhero films, the most obvious solution would be for him to play the villain of the film, who disappears from the MCU after an appearance. Who will be the villain in “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” has not yet been determined. If he mimes the adversary, Bale would not have to be tied to a franchise for several years, which is hardly an option for an actor like him, who is tempted to throw himself into new and different roles over and over again.

Meanwhile, fans would like Christian Bale to take on the role of Beta Ray Bill in the MCU – or as some have already called him: Beta Ray Bale. The fan favorite in the comics is also worthy of swinging Thor’s hammer and therefore even took over the powers of the god of thunder. Beta Ray Bill is actually the product of a highly developed alien race who artificially modified their most powerful warrior and made it strong enough to take on Thor. Beta Ray Bill has so far not been able to make his MCU debut, but once he takes to the cinema stage, he should have a future with several films.

But that should only be one reason why Christian Bale is unlikely to take on this part. As written Beta Ray Bill is the artificial product of an alien people, if you want to do justice to its comic appearance, Christian Bale would have to be optically changed with special effects anyway. It remains to be seen whether he is in the mood for such strenuous filming. You may also opt for the Rocket solution, as with Bradley Cooper: Bale speaks Beta Ray Bill, but another actor plays him using the motion capture process and the character is then brought to life on the computer. In this way, Christian Bale’s work would be reduced to a level that would probably be comfortable for him.

We can be curious to see how the matter develops anyway. Those responsible still have a little time to convince Christian Bale to participate: “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” starts in German cinemas on October 28, 2021. There are definitely Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster / Mighty Thor and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. As in “Thor 3: The Day of Decision”, Taika Waititi will direct again.

Christian Bale could also soon cause confusion in this quiz. Or do you keep the perspective?

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