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Billie Eilish: fans call her a hypocrite!

Billie Eilish and the fans – the relationship between the two sides has not been relaxed for a long time! Recently, fans even accused the singer of racism. But this is not the first (and as this news shows it will certainly not be the last) time that Eilish attracted a lot of attention from her fans. The other day she let a fan run wild in an interview – even if we are still not sure whether that was intended or not. 🙈 The latest point of contention: Fans are mad at Eilish for saying she would be very hypocritical. That has to do with a statement that the singer made and the fans didn’t think it was cool …

Stars and their diseases

“Artists should only be allowed to make art”

In an interview for iD Magazine, the young singer spoke on social media – and it wasn’t long before she complained about the expectations of some fans. When asked what her attitude towards the responsibility of musicians in relation to social problems was, the singer’s opinion was very clear: “It’s a bit unfair that every person in the spotlight is expected to be an activist and change the world because we can’t!“In your opinion,”Artists are allowed to only make art“. Okay, we also find this a difficult topic: Just because a person gets attention with their art shouldn’t automatically be “forced” to stand up for social justice. On the other hand: BECAUSE the person has so much attention, they could really make a difference. Not an easy thing. In the case of Eilish, it was particularly difficult because she has often expressed an opinion on certain topics – which was not hidden from the fans either.

Fans call Eilish a hypocrite

Most recently, Eilish complained about the Texas abortion law and how “Men keep silent about women’s rights“. And that wasn’t the first time Eilish had spoken out politically. Fans find her current statement on the topic to be very evasive and insinuate that the musician only advocates for social problems when she feels like it.Nobody asks anything of you, but you said you would take care of yourself and you would keep fighting, but you probably only did that because it benefited you“, Accuses her of a fan. Another fan also finds clear words: “We have to stop treating her like a toddler and announce to her when she tells a shit like that.“It’s okay”vegan shit“To post, but she would not do anything for”Palestinian life, Afghan life, indigenous life” Post. It looks like Eilish has to be very careful what statements she makes – the fans are annoyed!

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