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“Better 60 than dead”: George Clooney dreads his birthday

“Better 60 than dead”
George Clooney is dreading his birthday

George Clooney is one of those men to whom age cannot harm. What’s more, the Hollywood star looks better every year. In a few days he will celebrate his 60th birthday. But he can’t be very happy about it, as he now reveals.

Even a mega-star like George Clooney has to come to terms with aging. When asked how he feels when he thinks about his upcoming 60th birthday, the actor joked in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”: “I’m not thrilled about it, but it’s better than being dead. So take it me it, I have two options. ” You just settle for less when you get older.

Clooney also speaks in the interview about his work for the Motion Picture & Television Fund. This supports, among other things, actors in need, workers from the film industry and their relatives. Clooney also tries to convey charitable values ​​to his children, the twins Alexander and Ella, who will soon be four years old.

Clooney was once desperately poor

He knows how difficult the situation can be for many – especially during the corona pandemic. When he was not yet world famous, he slept on the floor in a closet with a friend for two years. He said he was lucky that he always had friends “who were willing to share what little they had to keep me afloat”.

Together with his wife Amal, Clooney recently visited a retirement home financed by the Motion Picture & Television Fund. They thought it would be “a depressing place”, but instead it would be “a joyful place,” as the actor says.

To collect donations, Clooney wants to start a “Sexiest Man Alive” competition, to which he wants to invite Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth and Michael B. Jordan. The four actors have all been given this title by the US magazine “People”. Clooney also plans to auction his Batman & Robin suit if Warner Bros. allows him to do so.

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