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AMC cinemas are launching the most expensive TV commercials in film history

The audience should rediscover the magic of cinema! This message to the Couch-Potato community, which grew steadily during Corona, cost the chain of AMC cinemas 25 million dollars.

With a “historic and unprecedented” national advertising campaign in the United States, the largest cinema operator in the United States wants to remind people that Hollywood stories are best when they are enjoyed as a “seamless, collaborative and multi-sensory experience”.

The campaign is based on several 60-second, 30-second and 15-second commercials. In all is the Oscar winner and 4 times Oscar nominee Nicole Kidman to see. The spots have been nominated twice by the Oscar Jeff Cronenweth and Tim Cronenweth staged and by Billy Ray, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter.

The basic story is simple but convincing: Nicole Kidman enters an empty cinema and sits in a row. An ode to the cinema can be heard off-screen. Kidman describes the magical feeling that comes over her when the lights go out in the cinema and the strongest emotions and most beautiful stories are brought to life on a screen.

The campaign claim is also simple but clear: “AMC Theaters. We make films better. ” The campaign launched online and on social media this week. The timing couldn’t have been more convincing. On “Labor Day” on September 6th, the AMC cinemas in the USA set a new audience record. For the first time, the numbers were not only good again, but even better than on “Labor Day” 2019.

In addition to the almost 600 AMC cinemas in the USA, the campaign will also be shown in the major TV networks from September 12th, as well as on several top-class platforms worldwide.

It is the first such multimedia campaign in the 101-year history of AMC and is considered the first of its kind in the history of US cinema. It was designed by Barkley, AMC’s lead agency.

The commercials were filmed in one of the newest AMC theaters in the greater Los Angeles area.

Adam Aron, AMC Chairman and CEO, commented on this historic campaign: “For more than a century, cinemas have not only survived but thrived. Despite the changing times in the world, through prosperity and desperation, emerging technology and increasing entertainment options, and despite repeated imminent threats to the cinema business over the decades, cinemas have remained an important part of the cultural fabric of our society around the world. “

It is therefore high time that AMC «plays on the offensive again». In addition to the USA, AMC also operates 950 cinemas with 10,500 screens worldwide in Europe and the Middle East.

The money for such a campaign is available. Thanks to the hype surrounding AMC shares, similar to the GameStop short squeeze, the company has again poured billions into its previously almost empty coffers in recent months.



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