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After separation: Ben Affleck is happy about a new project

Ben Affleck (48) looks ahead! The actor seemed to have been happily assigned for almost a year – to Hollywood star Ana de Armas (32). But after they moved into their first joint home, the separation suddenly followed in January. What exactly led to the end of love can only be speculated so far. But apparently sinks Ben not in lovesickness – and prefers to put his energy into work.

Like a source People reveals that the movie hero is happy to be back in front of the camera after the private events. For the drama “The Tender Bar” he works with none other than George Clooney (59). “Ben is thrilled to be in Boston. He and George are happy to be together again and to work “explains the insider. The actors also played together in the award-winning film “Argo” nine years ago.

In addition to new projects, the single also lifts his mood in other ways: at the end of January paparazzi were able to make it loud Daily Mail watch as he ordered his favorite iced coffee. And at home the next mood lifter was waiting: Six parcels were delivered to the American. What beautiful things did he indulge in?

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, July 2020
Ben Affleck and George Clooney, 2013
Actor Ben Affleck

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