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Why do Charlie Sheen and Rihanna hate each other?

Charlie Sheen, what happened to you? Once one of the richest Hollywood stars thanks to the series “Two And A Half Men”, the star is said to be sick and broke! The rumors may be exaggerated – as is so often the case – but the fact is that the star is pretty much in debt. He also owes that to his drug escapades, because they made sure that the star was thrown out of his own series. What followed were confused appearances and sometimes arbitrary verbal attacks on his fellow human beings. A victim: singer Rihanna. It doesn’t speak very well to the actor. But what actually happened back then and have the two made up again in the meantime?

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Charlie Sheen’s freaking out came because of a refused photo

In 2014, Sheen was a hated name in Hollywood – but it was very different with Rihanna, who celebrated one success after another. You’d think the two wouldn’t run into each other for that alone, but the miracle of social media brought them together. Rihanna would certainly have preferred it to be different if you look at the encounter like this. When Sheen happened to see Rihanna at a table in the restaurant one evening, the star couldn’t hold back his excitement and asked the singer for a photo – we assume he was doing it in his usual charming way at the time. Because Rihanna was not enthusiastic about this aggressive action and refused. But nobody rejects Charlie Sheen, thought the actor! ๐Ÿ™„

On โ€œWatch What Happens Liveโ€ he told the story – from his purely objective perspective, of course. He did not hesitate with a very colorful vocabulary and titled Rihanna with a rather brash word that we will not repeat at the point. On Twitter, he also wrote a few words about Rihanna and described her outfit as a “Halloween costume”. Rihanna’s only answer to that was a brief statement: “When I almost freak out and my subconscious tells me: ‘Nah, just chill’“. ๐Ÿ˜„

Have the two ever made up?

After both the internet and the media and Rihanna showed him that his freaking out was something inappropriate, Sheen seemed to calm down over time. He posted an apology on Twitter (THREE YEARS LATER ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜…) and invited the singer for a few drinks, which he (of course) would buy. But did she accept the apology? We tend to say no, because the singer never mentioned the actor again with a single word. And Sheen also held back with further freaking out – at least in the direction of Rihanna. Rihanna seems to be more busy with her new album, which we have been waiting for five years now! We are glad that she didn’t decide at the time to climb to the rather lower level of Sheen and not to have engaged in any Twitter discussions.

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