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Vorbrse DAX on September 8th, 2021 just over 15,800, Bitcoin under strong pressure, Allianz share in view | news

The DAX has revised the movement from the US holiday and is now trading at 15,830 points. This was the starting level of the week.

Bitcoin is significantly more volatile. Yesterday it lost double digits and continues to show how closely cryptocurrencies are linked to news. Moody’s downgraded the country and the World Bank has no confidence in the country’s plan. All of this puts a strain on the course of the most famous cryptocurrency.

When it comes to equities, we’re looking at Allianz today, which continues to face headwinds from the USA and now from BaFin. It is about a sum of 6 billion euros that must be taken into account in the balance sheet. The money under management in the USA is of course much higher and is estimated at 600 billion. Nevertheless, this could damage the company’s image.

Cautious signals are coming from the preliminary exchange. We are trading at 15,830, further consolidating Monday’s rise.

We are talking about this for the first indication in today’s preliminary market and will include the data from the analysts, who overall have a very positive opinion of Siemens.

Come well informed with TRADERS´ media GmbH and the LS Exchange in the new trading day. At lunchtime we talk to our trader Erdem about what is happening on the stock market.

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