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TV tip: Julia Roberts as the heroic “Erin Brockovich”

A young mother of three, divorced twice, currently without a job, sees an injustice, targets the bad guys and wins. A true story of how Erin Brockovich coaxes hundreds of millions of marks in compensation from a chemical company for the sick residents of one of its factories. “Erin Brockovic” is, quite clearly, a star vehicle for Julia Roberts as a good person who embodies American virtues in his sometimes weird way. But sometimes she had a little too clever, quick-witted dialogues tailored to her body.

The effect shines through, despite Soderbergh’s subtle directorial work. But the former auteur filmmaker didn’t deliver the most experimental Soderbergh anyway, but ready-made goods; at least he saved history from maudlin and ever-lurking emotional kitsch. There was no longer a hand free for cinematic tricks. The great pleasure of the film, however, are the scenes between Roberts and Albert Finney as their employer, the grumpy lawyer Ed Masry – here the two prove great class as an “odd couple” and turn the legal drama into a successful buddy movie.

Text: Rolf von der Reith

“Erin Brockovich” runs at 8:15 pm on ZDF Neo.

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