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Tom Cruise pissed off: BMW stolen while filming – all luggage gone

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During the shoot for “Mission: Impossible 7”, a BMW X7 with the suitcases and bags of Hollywood star Tom Cruise was stolen – with a trick that is possible with many car models.

Birmingham (Great Britain) – Tom Cruise has been driving BMW cars and motorcycles as IMF agent Ethan Hunt in the “Mission: Impossible” films for ten years. In addition to its product placement, a car outfitter usually takes on the shuttle services for actors and film crew at the locations. This is also the case in Birmingham, UK, where scenes for Mission: Impossible 7 are currently being filmed.

Ironically, the BMW X7, which was transporting Tom Cruise’s luggage, was stolen in the process. The massive SUV was stolen from the parking lot of a snack bar under the eyes of a bodyguard. It later reappeared, but without Mister Cruise’s suitcases and bags. He is said to be quite angry about the incident, which is very embarrassing for the security team, as reported by the British media. However, the thieves also used a very professional electronic trick: Apparently, the thieves caught the radio signal that the transmitter of the keyless start system was sending by means of a range extender. * reveals how its technology can be tricked and how drivers can protect themselves against it. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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