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This is how Natalie Portman raises her kids Aleph and Amalia!

Natalie Portman (38) has a clear idea of ​​how her children should grow up. The Hollywood actress was in the spotlight from an early age – but apparently she wants the privacy of her kids to be better protected and therefore rarely shows her online. In order to Aleph (8) and Amalia (3) Growing up completely protected and carefree, the Star Wars icon strictly adheres to a few rules!

The Oscar winner revealed in a conversation with The New York Timesthat she spends as much private time as possible with her family. Above all, it is important to her to go out into nature frequently with her husband Benjamin Millepied (42) and her two offspring. Every now and then they would go on the trips together with friends.

For Natalie The balancing act between family and career may not always be easy – but she tries to invest the same amount of time in both areas. Like the brunette in one Vanity Fair-Interview revealed that she doesn’t just make sure that her own everyday life is well organized – but also attach great importance to giving their children enough structure.

Natalie is of Jewish faith. According to Kveller The native Israeli does not live strictly religiously – however, it is important to her to incorporate some aspects of Judaism into Aleph and Amalia’s upbringing. Regardless of this, her family also celebrates Christian traditions such as Christmas, as she revealed in Jimmy Fallon’s (45) talk show in 2016.

The 38-year-old seems to know exactly what is important to her in raising children – but should she feel overwhelmed, she apparently relies on the advice of four-time mom Cate Blanchett (51). As Natalie in a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar revealed, as a young mother she would often have asked her Hollywood colleague for tips: “I said, ‘How do you do this? You’re a mom. You’re the best at the job.'”

Natalie Portman with her children Aleph and Amalia

Instagram / natalieportman

Natalie Portman with her children Aleph and Amalia
Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman in February 2020 in Hollywood
Natalie Portman in March 2020 in Los Angeles
Natalie Portman in November 2019 in Hollywood
Natalie Portman in October 2019 in Los Angeles



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