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The lockdown gave her a “colossal butt”

The ‘Ammonite’ actress, who has two children from her previous marriages and is raising a son with her husband Ned Rocknroll, started baking bread amid the health crisis. She joked that she gained so much weight and felt like a “full mattress”. In an interview with British talk show host Graham Norton, Kate quipped: “I made sourdough myself and now my bum is colossal! A few days ago I answered a few questions by e-mail and instead of writing ‘Filmschauspielerin’ (English ‘film actress’), I started the auto-correction and corrected the word with the words’ plump mattress’ (Engl.’ Full mattress’). That’s exactly how I feel and that’s how I will describe myself from now on! ” The 45-year-old also admitted that she was stunned by the success of her 2011 film ‘Contagion’, which had been viewed very often over the past year. No wonder, after all, the film is a pandemic thriller. “That freaked me out! Why would anyone watch this during a pandemic?” The beauty added that by filming the project, she was already well prepared for the coronavirus pandemic.

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