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Numerous teasers show Keanu Reeves’ new Neo in the sci-fi sequel ·

The first trailer for “Matrix 4” is out soon! On a website, fans can choose the red or blue pill – and then watch clips.

What is the matrix This is not only an essential question in the successful sci-fi action trilogy by the Wachowski sisters Lana and Lilly, but also the official website of the film series. This was used to stir up the mystery of the matrix and of course the interest in the films. In October 2009 the site finally went offline.

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The page has been back since September 2, 2021, but now it redirects directly to The Choice Is Yours page, where fans can choose between a red and a blue pill: News – Paranormal Activity will be continued

We remember: In “Matrix” Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) Thomas Anderson alias Neo (Keanu Reeves) offers a red and a blue pill: “If you swallow the blue capsule, everything is up. You wake up in your bed believing in what you want to believe. If you swallow the red capsule, you will stay in wonderland. And I’ll take you into the deepest depths of the rabbit hole. ”After this announcement from Morpheus, Neo opts for the red capsule. You, on the other hand, can choose both the red and the blue capsule, multiple times and alternately.

If you click on the red capsule, you will hear the voice of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, after all he should possibly play a young Morpheus or a new iteration of Neo’s teacher. If you click on the blue capsule, you will hear the voice of Neil Patrick Harris instead, who probably plays a psychiatrist who always supplies the doubting Thomas Anderson with those blue pills. Among other things, the exact time at which you watch this clip will be read out to you and sold to you as either a lie or the only truth.

It is interesting that with each selection and also after several clicks and according to certain parameters, clips are played that vary slightly and offer first film excerpts. According to Entertainment Weekly there should be more than 180,000 different clips, but they differ only minimally from each other.

You are wondering what the matrix is ​​and what the plot in part 4 might look like? Then take a look at this one Video:

“Matrix: Resurrections”: The first real trailer is coming soon

Interesting are the excerpts, which are very reminiscent of scenes from the first “Matrix” film from 1999, Deja-vus, if you will. You’d almost think that Thomas Anderson is back where his incredible journey began – above the rabbit hole. That would basically also fit the matrix, which changes from cycle to cycle and starts everything from the beginning every time, i.e. reboots. That would at least explain why Neo and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) are back, even though both lost their lives in the previous cycle.

Also interesting are excerpts that show the character played by Abdul-Mateen II, who apparently only finds out that the environment in which he is located is not real. So do we experience how and by whom he is freed from the clutches of the matrix? In another section you can see how it slowly materializes with the help of a device. Jessica Henwick in pretty cool gear and Jonathan Groff can also be seen, although Groff seems to be in an awkward position.

And something else Warner Bros. has announced in this way, the first trailer should appear next Thursday. “Matrix: Resurrections” will again be on December 23, 2021 start in German cinemas.

“Matrix” is an absolute cult, just like the films in this quiz. You can certainly recognize them from a single picture, right?

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