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New video fulfills fan request ·

For everyone who wanted actor Chris Pratt to play the role of archaeologist, there is now a video showing him in hat and whip.

A few years ago the rumor surfaced that “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt would take hat and whip and play the title hero in a new edition of “Indiana Jones”. In “Jurassic World” the actor has already proven that he can manage a well-known franchise. Many fans of the adventurous archaeologist were delighted with the prospect of Chris Pratt as an indie, but it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, fans get “Indiana Jones 5” with legend and original actor Harrison Ford.

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We all know: Nothing is better than the original and no one steals the show from Harrison Ford. Still, many are probably wondering how Pratt would do in the popular role. Thanks to YouTuber Shamook, we no longer have to ask ourselves that question. Because on the video platform he shares a two-minute clip in which you can see Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones. The so-called deepfake video takes the actor’s face and places it on Harrison Ford’s face. Some of what looks amazingly real was created with the computer:

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“Indiana Jones 5” without Chris Pratt

Actually, the fifth adventure of the legendary hero should hit the cinemas in July 2021. Due to the Corona crisis, the US launch was on the July 29, 2022 postponed. German fans can also orientate themselves on this date. It is not yet known what viewers can expect in “Indiana Jones 5”. Besides Harrison Ford, no other person has been confirmed from the cast.

In any case, Shia LaBeouf won’t repeat his role. In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” he played Indiana’s son. Apparently, the two actors didn’t get along very well. Steven Spielberg will also not take his role as director for the sequel. After originally being scheduled as a man behind the camera, he decided against the job. It marks the first indie film that is not made by the cult director. Instead of Spielberg, James Mangold (“Logan – The Wolverine”) takes over the direction of the film. However, Steven Spielberg continues to act as a producer for the blockbuster.

Do you know how old these stars are? Then it proves in our quiz:

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