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Marie Reim posts a daring picture on Instagram

Marie Reim wants to make it big

Marie Reim posted a picture on Instagram eye-catching makeupwhich led to downright criticism. She knows how important theirs are Social media presence is to gain a firm foothold in the hit world and above all to be remembered. She likes to present herself with unusual outfits and is even compared to the celebrity Julia Roberts in the last photo posted.

She became known as the daughter of Matthias Reim and Michelle. She wanted to make her own name early on and started her music career. A big success was her debut album “14 Phases”, which makes her stand out not only as a singer, but also as a Author. Yes, you heard correctly, because the young singer writes many of her lyrics herself. Her songs are primarily about love, her goal is to show the negative as well as positive sides. Your new song with the title “Sonne” is supposed to put you in a good mood, and it was very well received by your fans.

Marie Reim: There is criticism on Instagram

A Branding of the beautiful singer are theirs in particular bright red hair. In addition, she amazes her fan base with her big eyes and a pout. But one of her latest pictures now shocked her followers. For a big event, she presents herself with a fresh make-up look, actually nothing bad can be seen in this picture at first glance, but the 21-year-old still receives criticism.

Comments like “Marie, you are such a beautiful young woman. You don’t have to make yourself so old. “ are not uncommon among their mail. Another subscriber also writes “You’re making yourself very old. You are so beautiful, you don’t really need make-up “.

How Marie Reim will react to these comments is questionable. Maybe she’s listening to her fans and will show herself with less makeup in the near future. No matter how she decides, we think she is simply beautiful with or without make-up!

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