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Lookalikes? Tori Spelling reacts to comparison with Khloé Kardashian>entertainment>

September 08, 2021 – 1:18 pm clock

This is how Tori Spelling finds the comparison

How does Tori Spelling (48) react to the comparison with Khloé Kardashian (37)? A few days ago even her fans mistook the “90219” star for the Kardashian sister. Now reporters spoke to them about the mix-up. How great the similarity between the two is can be seen in our video.

In the video: Tori and Khloé look similar

In her latest photo, Tori Spelling is actually quite reminiscent of Khloé when she was blond. A reporter from the American celebrity portal “TMZ” spoke to Tori about it. “I am honored,” replies Tori there. “She is wonderful.” Oh yes, was that what she wanted to look like? When asked, Tori laughs heartily and answers with a clear: “No! But I feel very flattered by the compliment.”

And what does Khloé Kardashian say about it?

“Have you already heard something from Khlóe?” The reporter asked again. Tori Spelling has to laugh there too. No, she obviously didn’t get in touch and there are no reactions on her Instagram profile either. Did she even notice anything? It’s a shame, actually. In any case, it would be exciting to hear whether Khloé also feels flattered. And it would be even more interesting if the two of them took a selfie together. Then we just have a direct comparison.

Tori Spelling and Khloé Kardashian over time on TVNOW

If you want to see again how much the two women have changed over time, you can follow it on TVNOW. Here Tori Spelling can be seen in old episodes of the cult series “Beverly Hills 90210”, as well as in the new edition of the series “BH 90210”.

There are also tons of episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” starring Khloé. (udo)

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