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Increase: Will Smith surprises with Corona body

Ciao, six pack!

Increase: Will Smith surprises with Corona body

There seem to be only two options: Either you used the Corona period to mutate into a sports cannon or you added a few pounds. Will Smith belongs to the last group – as this new picture of the actor shows!

It looks like the corona crisis is also on the former Prince of Bel Air-Star has not passed by without a trace. Fortunately, like many other celebrities, he was not infected with Sars-CoV-2, but the current circumstances still left traces on his body. Apparently, Will has had a good time in quarantine and is now presenting “the worst shape of his life” on Instagram.

Will Smith with a few extra pounds

I’m sorry, what? Yes, that’s how the Hollywood star himself describes his current physical condition. We actually always know Will from his films with a well-trained body. Obviously, exercising and eating well haven’t been high on your to-do list over the past few months.

In the photo, which presumably shows him on his private property by a pond, you can see Will in underpants and an open cardigan. He allows a view of his otherwise naked torso. And instead of a well-trained six-pack, there is a small prosperity tummy. What should be the normal form for many is by no means normal for Will himself. He writes under the post: “I want to be honest with you guys, I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

In the comments, however, Will gets a lot of encouragement. Everyone agrees: Will still looks great. Especially when you consider that he’s already 52 years old. And if Will really feels that uncomfortable, then he will surely find his way back to his old form quickly.

While Will doesn’t seem to really love his new body, these stars are doing really well with a few extra pounds:

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