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In “Willy’s Wonderland” Nicolas Cage takes on bloodthirsty animatronics – soon in the mediabook

Cage is stranded in a remote provincial café with his horsepower car. In order to be able to pay for the repair of his car, he receives an attractive offer. By the next morning he is supposed to bring the run-down amusement park “Willy’s Wonderland” up to scratch. An easy job. Thank goodness there is a pinball machine and enough energy drinks. But the night holds dark secrets. Bloodthirsty animatronics sneak through the maze looking for victims. Trapped with a group of teenagers, the new “caretaker” only has to survive the night. The nightmare begins, demonic animatronics, flying fists, deadly fights, titans clash and only one side will make it alive. – but: “He is not trapped here with you, you are trapped with him.”

Crazy, bizarre and crazy! The three words describe the film “Willy’s Wonderland”By director Kevin Lewis, who has a good chance of becoming the craziest film of the year. This is what almost single-handedly ensures Nicolas Cagewho, thanks to his overacting art of acting, carries the film all by himself again.

“Willy’s Wonderland” is an epic battle through dark halls, colorful and spectacularly staged, with the “Party of Five” star Emily Tosta, Beth Grant (“No Country For Old Men”), Ric Reitz (“Sleepless”) and Chris Warner (“Sin City”).

Splendid Film publishes the Cage film in three different versions. One will be released on Blu-ray on May 21, 2021 Fan edition like an edition in limited mediabook, a week later the Standard version in the keep case. The fan edition is delivered in an extra-thick keep case and is equipped with ten trading cards with puppet characters from the film. The titles cannot currently be pre-ordered from

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