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He was planning a million dollar fraud: Rihanna drops lawsuit against her dad – people

Two years ago, Rihanna (33) announced that she would take her own father (67) to court. Ronald Fenty is said to have tried to steal more than 15 million US dollars (12.7 million euros) with the name of his daughter!

But now Rihanna has dropped the lawsuit against her dad – two weeks before the two would have faced each other in Los Angeles court. As “radar“Reported citing court documents, father and daughter have come to an agreement without a judge.

Father wanted to collect $ 15 million

Rihanna had already accused her father in January 2019 of booking concerts for her without her knowledge.

▶ ︎Because: Papa Ronald and his business partner Moses Perkins are said to have claimed to organizers that they represent Rihanna and her label “Roc Nation”.

With their agency “Fenty Entertainment”, the two would have tried, among other things, to arrange a South America tour with 15 performances worth 15 million US dollars. In addition, the singer should have given concerts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a total of $ 400,000.

For Rihanna’s lawyers, a “fraudulent attempt to obtain millions of dollars from unsuspecting third parties,” as they wrote in the indictment.

The singer was also angry that her father wanted to protect the family name “Fenty” under trademark law – although Rihanna sells under the name Schminke. Ronald planned to open a number of hotels under the name. But Rihanna sent him several cease and desist letters.

Ronald Fenty didn’t think that was funny: he used the name first, he explained at the time.

Rihanna suffered from Ronald’s crack addiction

The singer and her father have had a broken relationship for a long time. Ronald’s addiction to crack and alcohol destroyed his marriage to Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite. The couple divorced when their daughter Robyn (Rihanna’s real first name) was just 14 years old.

Rihanna even once paid her father over $ 50,000 for withdrawal therapy in Malibu, but Ronald relapsed. Again and again he got into fights or misbehaved at concerts. In 2008 Rihanna even banned her father from a tour.

But when Ronald fell ill with Corona in Barbados last year, the drug problems became a minor matter: Rihanna did everything to ensure that her father received the best treatment. She even sent him a ventilator. After two weeks in the hospital, Ronald felt better.

Rihanna’s present didn’t need Ronald Fenty, but he was still very grateful to her: “My daughter Robyn asked about me every day. In all honesty, I thought I was going to die. I have to say I love you so much Robyn. She did so much for me, “he said at the time of the”Sun“.

It is quite possible that the disease brought father and daughter closer together.

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