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Gaslite | Starz | Start, plot, trailer and cast

Gaslit - background

Everything about the new Starz series

“Gaslit” is the name of the new anthology series by US broadcaster Starz. The main characters in the series are Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. You can find out everything about the start, plot and cast here.

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn play in "Gaslit" the main roles.

Julia Roberts and Sean Penn star in “Gaslit”. (Source: “DenisMakarenko / depositphotos.com” / “everett225 / depositphotos.com” / Montage: Netzwelt)

  • “Gaslit” is an upcoming anthology series on US broadcaster Starz starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn.
  • It is about Martha Mitchell and her role in the Watergate affair with US President Richard Nixon.
  • Filming for the series will begin in spring 2021. It is not likely to be broadcast until 2022.

“Gaslit” is an upcoming anthology series on US broadcaster Starz. It is about Martha Mitchell, the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell, and her role in the Watergate affair.

Gaslit: start date

Filming for the series started in spring 2021. Therefore, we can expect the series to be broadcast at the end of 2021 at the earliest, probably not until 2022.

Starz is showing the series in the USA and Canada. In Europe it will most likely be seen on the international streaming platform Starzplay. Specific information on the broadcast is not yet available.

Gaslit: plot

The anthology series tells the story of Martha Mitchell during the Watergate affair over President Richard Nixon in the 1970s. Martha is the wife of Attorney General John Mitchell, a close confidante of the President.

She is the first to sound the alarm when she discovers Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate affair. Her husband is then forced to choose between her and the president.

“Martha was the first to speak out loudly against these crude, criminal machinations. At the same time, as a public martyr at this time, she was also extremely complex and multi-layered. It is a dream to find someone who would like to tell her story. Now Doing with Sam, Julia, Sean, Matt, UCP and Starz is incredible. I’m over the moon. “

Producer Robbie Pickering

Gaslit: trailer and pictures

As the filming of the series has not yet started, there is no video material yet. If there is a trailer or pictures, you can find them here.

Gaslit: cast

The two leading roles Martha and John Mitchell take on the award-winning Hollywood stars Julia Roberts (“Homecoming”) and Sean Penn (“Mystic River”). No other actors have been announced yet.

Gaslit: production

The creator of “Gaslit” is Robbie Pickering. Together with Amelia Gray, Alberto Roldán, Anayat Fakhraie, Uzoamaka Maduka and Sofya Levitsky-Weitz, he forms the team of authors for the series. It is based on the Watergate podcast series “Slow Burn” by the US online magazine Slate.

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