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Emma Stone wants an Ursula film

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‘Birds of Prey’ will be shot soon

Emma Stone would like a film about the life of the sea witch Ursula from ‘Arielle the Mermaid’.
The 32-year-old actress plays the title villain ‘Cruella de Vil’ from ‘101 Dalmatians’ in the upcoming film ‘Cruella’. But Emma is convinced that there should be more films about well-known Disney antagonists. In particular, the sea witch Ursula has obviously done it to her. In an interview with ‘Variety’ she explains: “She is an octopus, you want to know something about the world she lives in, something about Ursula’s parents and what actually happened there. A non-human Disney villain has never been explored this way. “

Although no real film about the life of the legendary antagonist has yet been planned, Melissa McCarthy will play the witch in the planned live-action flick ‘Ariel the Mermaid’. The Bridesmaids actress said of her role: “I have so much affection for Ursula. I know she’s the bad guy, but I just kept thinking, ‘Oh my god.’ I mean, it’s really delicious to play. I do it like I’m some kind of vaudeville nightclub singer. It’s so much fun, you can’t go too far with it and I’m looking forward to seeing the result. “

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