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Daniel Craig: That’s why he’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood

James Bond star
The $ 100 Million Man: That’s Why Daniel Craig is Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actor

Daniel Craig performing in Los Angeles.

Daniel Craig performing in Los Angeles.

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Daniel Craig is currently the highest paid actor in the world. And with a large margin. It’s not because of his most famous role as secret agent James Bond.

$ 100 million. The British actor Daniel Craig received this sum in film fees this year alone. Not only is he currently the best-paid actor in Hollywood. He’s already the highest-paid James Bond actor of all time.

He does not make this sum for the new 007 film, which has been postponed several times due to corona and is now set to start in cinemas worldwide on October 8th. Craig is said to have received an estimated 68 million dollars for his last assignment as a secret agent with a license to kill, which was completed last year – a considerable fee, considering that the actor was still a modest 3.2 for his first film “Casino Royale” in 2011 Received millions of dollars.

The $ 100 million that Craig received this year, according to a report by the film magazine “Variety”, comes from Netflix. The streaming giant is paying a three-digit sum for Craig’s participation in two planned sequels of the crime hit “Knives Out”.

That’s why Daniel Craig gets so much money

There is a reason why the fixed fees spiral up to such dizzying heights: In the case of cinema films, the remuneration of top actors is usually made up of a fixed fee as well as a variable share of the profit that the film makes at the box office.

With a streaming service there is no additional income, so Netflix has to pay a fixed fee for everything – in Craig’s case that adds up to $ 100 million for two films. This means that the Briton gets twice as much as the runner-up in the list published by “Variety”.

Well behind in second place is Dwayne Johnson, whose income will amount to 50 million in 2021. Will Smith and Denzel Washington share third place with fees of $ 40 million each. The first six places on this list are occupied by men. With Jennifer Lawrence, the first woman comes in seventh place.

Source used: “Variety”


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