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Britney Spears: New Confusion About Instagram Posting!

Does she know what she’s doing on Instagram?

The former pop star Britney Spears (39) has amazed her fans again: Up Instagram She congratulated her little sister Jamie Lynn on her 30th birthday – with a strange posting.

► The photo shows Britney with her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake (40). The two pop stars sit close and are familiar with each other. Britney’s little sister is in the middle, was just a child at the time.

A photo with the ex – of all things! It’s hard to imagine that this photo was the only one available to Britney of Jamie Lynn.

That being said, it’s been a week since her sister’s birthday. Did she oversleep something?

In her belated birthday greeting to her sister, the “beautiful soul”, Britney writes: “I love you so much, and I wish I had been as smart as you were when you were 30!” when they were younger. “I am really and sincerely inspired by your path and the life you have created for yourself and your children,” the 39-year-old continues.

Britney and her sister at the 2002 Teen Choice AwardsPhoto: AP

Britney has been causing confusion lately with her Instagram posts. Most recently, even her former make-up artist Billy Brasfield (47) claimed that she would not check her profile herself. The singer denied that.

Britney and Justin were the dream couple in the pop world. In 2002 they broke up unpleasantly, he processed the breakup with the song “Cry me a River”, which suggests that she had cheated on at the time photo: FRED PROUSER / REUTERS

Britney does not mention her ex in the photo in the birthday post. It still attracts the interest of its 29 million Instagram subscribers.

Not least because Britney and Justin’s relationship between 1998 and 2002 was only recently featured in the documentary “Framing Britney Spears“Was thematized and made waves.

Timberlake was then accused of having treated both his ex-girlfriend and Janet Jackson (54) in public sexist and derogatory.


Completely surprising, Justin had published an apology letter on Instagram after the documentary was broadcast, in which he also addressed Britney directly: “In particular, I want to apologize to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson because I respect these women and I know that I have failed . “

And further: “I know that this apology is a first step and does not make up for the past. I want to take responsibility for my mistakes (…). Because I care about the well-being of the people I love and have loved. I can do better and I will do better. ”

So maybe there is no more bad blood between the two. But to see the ex so suddenly on Britney’s Instagram profile as if nothing had ever happened – that sounds strange.

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