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Blade Runner: Ana de Armas was nervous about Ryan Gosling

Ana de Armas (31) is currently on cloud nine with Ben Affleck (47). Before the attractive actor, another one had already made the beauty heart pounding: heartthrob Ryan Gosling (39)! In 2017, the pretty Cuban auditioned for a movie with the hottie. Before that, the brunette was very scared, as she now revealed in an interview.

Ana was supposed to be in the movie “Blade Runner 2049” Ryans holographic friend Joi and had to audition for the role several times. “I auditioned for Joi three times and the third time I knew he would be there. I was even shaking with excitement.”, the beauty revealed to the magazine American way. She was taken to a room with Ryan to see if the chemistry between the two was right. “Oh, damn it, I was nervous,” Ana explained with a laugh as she recalled the first meeting between her and the actor. The Hollywood star also wishes that this moment had been recorded on tape.

Next to Ryan Ana could look forward to another hot film partner: Because in autumn the actress will be seen in “No Time to Die” as the new Bond girl. Among other things, Halle Berry (53) and Miranda Frost were seen at the side of the British agent – now the dark-haired beauty also has the honor.

Ben Affleck with his girlfriend Ana de Armas and the dogs in April 2020
Ana de Armas at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2020
Cary Fukunaga and the cast of “Bond 25”



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