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Audio recording reveals the bitter truth

The truth is finally coming to light: three years after the divorce of Johnny Depp, 56, and Amber Heard, 33, the recording of an argument between the two reveals what or who really was the reason for their love-out. Has the blonde lied all along?

Amber Heard: Everything Planned? Johnny Depp’s ex manipulates the public

During a therapy session allegedly held a few months before their breakup in May 2016, Amber Heard confessed to beating her ex, Johnny Depp. The relationship between the actors is characterized by quarrels, which are often physical. Apparently the two tried to save their love first and were looking for one Couples therapists on. According to the “Daily Mail”, the audio recording should also have been made there, and it is now finally Light in the dark could bring.

Before that, Amber’s allegations that her ex-husband had beaten her up had accumulated. To prove the violent outbursts of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, whose alcohol problems are no secret, the 33-year-old published photos of her disfigured face and even filmed Johnny during an outburst in the kitchen. But insiders also claimed that the blonde had only made up the wounds and was behind the video pure provocation. The newly released recordings also showed that Amber seemed to be the one who deliberately manipulated her ex-partner.

Amber vs. Johnny: He was trying to escape the tyrant

Circa moaned for an hour the two in the sound recording, which finally revealed why the violence even occurred. Amber kept emphasizing that she felt like she was being neglected. Her husband at the time does not care enough about their relationship, which is what the “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” actress said for Trust problems have taken care of. Johnny would therefore want to leave the room every time an argument broke out and thus pull himself out of the affair.

You never try to work on it. You you never fight for me. (…) That damn it has to change!

Amber said in an interview with the Daily Mail. She no longer feels any security in her marriage because Johnny just runs away from problems. The blonde wants to be sure that the relationship is important to her life partner at the time – even when things get difficult. Basically a comprehensible point of criticism, but the reaction of the US beauty is incredible.

While the “Sweeney Todd” actor wanted to avoid escalation and would rather distance himself from heated situations, Amber is said to have felt all the more provoked. The 56-year-old is said to even want to take his own hotel room when the actress started yelling at him again. A decision that made Amber rage.

If you have a Nudging the animal often enough, at some point, no matter how friendly it is, it is no longer cool,

justify the “Aquaman” actress the fights. According to her statements, Amber is only getting so angry “human”.

The 33-year-old threw pots and vases around

A clear confession could also be taken from the tape when Amber admitted:

I have the physical fight started.

So the violence is proceeded from her, but she blames Johnny for pushing her that far in the first place. With his behavior he leaves her no other choicethan to be physical. The Hollywood star described a situation in which he lay quietly on the bed and watched TV – before his angry ex approached him.

Another argument took place on the plane: a situation in which Johnny could not escape. He is said to have pushed the blonde away when she is said to have hit him again. For Amber, this seemed justification enough to keep fighting back physically. It seems like the 33-year-old is just looking for reasons to harm Johnny. When he mentioned that she with pots and vases thrown at him Amber tried to distract: “That is something else. (…) That is irrelevant.” Again and again she emphasized that it was his fault, since he always ran away when an argument broke out.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star knows the truth is about to come out

“You’re just afraid that the truth will come out,” so the “The Lone Ranger” star in the therapy talk. “What truth do you have ?!” the native Texan burst out. “That you lied have,” answered Johnny. Accordingly, the actress tried to cover up domestic violence. A security guard named Travis confirmed that Amber was her then-husband punched in the face have. Nevertheless, the blonde did not seem to have felt convicted and continued to lie in everyone’s face, as Johnny wants to know:

I have … you watched lying.

The Playboy Club beauty replied that she had never boxed him. You got him just a slap in the face lost. But the “21 Jump Street” star was sure and stressed that she was him with a closed fist punched in the face. Amber then ridiculed the situation: “I can’t remember what movement my hand made, but you were okay! I got you not hurt!The actress could not confirm her outbursts of violence more clearly.

Johnny desperately wanted distance from the blonde …

It got even better, however. Because: Johnny pleaded for a break. “When we get physical, we have to part. (…) We have to separated from each other be – for an hour, ten hours, or a bloody day. ” A suggestion that did not seem plausible to his wife at the time. The two should work on their complications instead of running away from each other. Yet she confessed:

I can’t promise you that I won’t again physically will.

What actually happened between the actors, apparently only the two know – but the current evidence paints a pretty clear picture. Contrary to what has been assumed, it doesn’t seem that Johnny Depp is the one who sparked the evil in the relationship. The hashtag is already circulating on the Internet #JusticeForJohnny(Eng .: “Justice for Johnny”).

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